13 Tips for Jewelry for Mothers by Roman Gambo

Mothers Day is coming and if you are looking for an ideal gift for your mother or wife, today’s posting will help you and facilitate your choices.

The Jewels eternalise moments and symbolise with delicacy all our affective ties, so in today’s post we have a few suggestions of gifts from the Roman jewels, which have been selected by finger specially for mothers day.

For those who do not know, the jewels of the Roman Gambo are famous for being different and of high quality. There you find designs that cater to different styles and tastes.

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Delicate ring with pendant in heart shaped with emeralds. R $1,068.

Leaked ring with three shades of gold: yellow, white and rosé. R $826.

Bracelet with the sayings blessed by God. R $752,00.

Heart bracelet leaked with zirconia dots. R $715,00.

Bracelet with heart and shiny bonds. R $1885,00.

Gold pendant with shiny ones for moms who have a couple of kids. R $835,00.

Current with star of David with sparkles and sapphire pendants. (Price under Consultation)

Bracelet with the Sayings eternal Love (Infinite Heart) (price under consultation)

Little boy’s pendant with blue Zircônias. R $225,00.

Double current in gold with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady Aparecida, both inside a leaked heart. (Price under Consultation)

Ring with girl in yellow gold and rosé with shiny. R $880.00. There is the child option that follows in the image below, for the same value. The difference is that the boy is in white gold.

Bracelet with the family illustration, for a girl’s mothers. Beautiful. (Price under Consultation)

The values of these parts quoted above vary from R$450, oo to £ 3,000.

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This is the perfect opportunity for you to present your mother with a beautiful jewel with the quality and uniqueness that the Roman Gambo possesses.

Mothers are rare jewels, eternize this moment.