6 Stunning Places in Mexico to Give the Ring

The delivery of the engagement ring is one of the most special moments of a couple. Waiting, surprise and romance that is wasting on this intstante make it worth remembering as “one of the happiest days”. While some couple opt to do so through mega productions that rob us of breath, sometimes the only thing that is needed is a perfect setting and our country is full of them!

6 Stunning Places in Mexico to Give the Ring

1. Hot Air Balloon In Teotihuacan

Imagine being 1,000 metres of height with your partner seeing the first rays of the Sun bathing the impressive Valley of Tehotihuacan with its wonderful pyramids. Suddenly, the balloon descends his height and from the basket you can see a blanket unfolding with the 4 most important words of your life “do you want to marry me?”.

The package which offers flights in globe MX also includes a bouquet of roses, fruit and Deli tray to taste during the flight, two glasses of sparkling wine to celebrate the big moment and a breakfast in the globopuerto at the end of the journey to make this an unforgettable memory.

2. Sanctuary Of The Fireflies In Tlaxcala

If the requested size is during the summer, Tlaxcala surprises US with a natural phenomenon so powerful that is almost surreal. During the month of June and July thousands of fireflies seizeNanacamilpa offering an iniguable show during the night forest.

The magical atmosphere of this place makes it the ideal setting for a unique and memorable marriage proposal. They can complete the experience hospendandose in one of the Green hotels that exist in the area.

3 Snorkeling In The Mexican Caribbean

Immersed in stunning beauty and color of the Mexican Caribbean coral vegetation and a few metres below the level of the sea, this proposal of marriage left over her words.

In addition, you can admire many species of tropical fish, loggerhead turtles, some octopuses and sharks, among others. Once outside, you can enjoy a ride on a yacht or simply rest in the paradise Caribbean beaches.

4 Vineyards In Queretaro

Imagine receiving the expected question while enjoying a picnic with wine and cheese between the vine plants, or during a dinner romantic with Queretaro vineyards in the background.

Cheese and wine route is located between Tequisquiapan and Ezequiel Montes . In it, you will find numerous wine houses with spectacular scenery, open to the public. They can continue the celebrations with a night in the magical town of Bernal, located 20 minutes from the vineyards.

5 Parachute In Tequesquitengo

If your relationship is full of adventure and extreme moments, the proposal should be a reflection of this. For fans of the adrenaline and the sports extreme delivering the ring while practicing sky diving with your partner can be the best option.

Whether delivered it touching land or in the air (the more adventurous) this proposal for height will become a great story for posterity. An option to do this in Mexico is in Tequesquitengo, Morelos, where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Lake while you go.

6. Sanctuary Of The Monarch In MichoacÁN

For nature lovers, Michoacan has become the perfect location in winter thanks to the arrival of the monarch. From November to March the reserve forests receive millions of butterflies into a stunning natural spectacle.