Anil Arjandas, When Jewelry Is Back Passion

Last week I had the opportunity to see the new collection of jeweler Anil Arjandas in the Luby Lab space. A small sample which included bracelets with stone, stones of colors combined with Black diamonds and lighter bracelets this summer fun with different charms, many of which have made famous for signature.

Embelezzia (Jared luxury) have an expert Anil Arjandas, which is Charlie, but with the new collection I will dare because, frankly, it has excited me.

Skulls, hands of Fatima or Catholic crosses, exquisitely curds of diamonds in white and yellow gold, not to mention his collection of stones of colors that decorate a few designs that transform the fine jewellery in everyday objects, from day to day, or spectacular juvenile parts for parties and red carpet.

An of the hallmarks of the firm is the variety of materials. (Never before seen in fine jewelry) carbon fiber would be an example, clear that there are many others: the ICY diamonds in brown color and carving ‘Rose Cut’ diamonds carved exclusively for signature Anil Arjandas, the curo, black gold, oxidized silver, a sum and remains of materials that get keep Arjandas in the eye of the hurricane season after season and so since 1999.

A style unmistakable thousand and one times cloning (or at least copying) are my favorites? The Charms, icons that will continue to expand year after year with new pendants as Hamsa, the eye of the luck or the Om and that tells me in the gossip of the town and court which does not need nor advertisements. A photo in The jeweler Instagram wearing new collection and requests it rains.

With stores in London, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Zaragoza and Madrid in the Luby Lab space, It is clear that the continues to rise as the foam on the market of high jewelry and they tell me that it intends to expand to other markets, but that now Charlie will have it us on another occasion.

Favorite of bloggers and celebs, is a youth jewelry, with force. Anil Arjandas, when jewelry becomes passion