Box Changes Rules of Jewelry Pawn

Customers evaluate jewels offered at the auction of the box held since yesterday in Curitiba

Box Changes Rules of Jewelry Pawn

The CEF performs since Monday (2) the auction of 3,473 lots of jewelry, watches and precious metals. The pieces are part of pledge contracts not redeemed by customers in 18 branches of the Bank in the State of Paraná. The value of the minimum bid the lots vary from R $60.00-a gold ring-see R $14,976.00 composed of polished diamonds. The auction ends on Tuesday (3).

For sale lots of jewels of the agencies in the municipalities of Rattlesnakes, Apucarana, Campo Mourão, Cornélio Procópio, Guarapuava, Londrina, Maringá, Paranavaí, Cianorte, Umuarama, Foz do Iguaçu, Pato Branco, Telêmaco Borba, Toledo.

The box held a few changes to the pledge. The most significant change relates to the value of the maximum percentage of loan on the well evaluated, which went from 80% to 85%. The minimum value of 10% remains of the evaluation of the well. And you can get more from Act-test-centers.

There was also an increase in the value of the Collateral (UP), standard index used to set the value of a gram of gold. Since February 25, the index went from R to R $28 $33. The change will be worth also to contracts that are renewed.

The assets that serve as a basis for pawn operations usually are jewels in precious metals, with or without precious stones, jewelry watches with famous brands and pens with high values.

The loan periods vary from one to 180 days. The minimum limit is R $50.00 and the maximum of R $50000. The interest rate is 2.25% per month. In the case of the micropenhor, intended for those who do not have average monthly balance on current account or financial application above R $3000 the rate is 1.7 percent per month. In this mode, the loan is limited to R $1000.

In 2008, the box agencies which operate pledge lines lent $4.9 billion in R, in a total of 8.5 million. For this year, it is expected to exceed the mark of R $5.5 billion. Until the day February 25, the Bank held 1.3 million loan arrangement contracts, which total R $780 million. Currently, 453 Bank agencies serve mode, but this number is expected to reach 473 in 2009.

The Albertina merchant Babu Rudders participated yesterday for the first time an auction of jewels and intended to spend some R $1500 in chains and bracelets. ” The prices of jewelry at the auction are more into account, ” said the trader Maria Terezinha de Jesus. Her prediction was investing R $7000 in pieces sold by the box. The merchant as José Viniarski who also participated in the auction said there was expensive parts and cockroaches in the Bank.

Andréia Bali-Leaf of Londrina