Bracciali Birikini Vendita on Line

Colorful and cute this summer bracelets of the Passion of Birikini Line will be the must have accessory for your outfit.

Colorful, cute and trendy are the characteristics that best describe the new Passion of bracelets line by Birikini.

A line of bracelets dedicated to Spring Summer 2015 made of many shades and color combinations, but also to unique hue for lovers of the most sober accessories. The Passions line by Birikini is designed to make unique and original summer look thanks to an essential accessory for a woman. All bracelets are varied fantasies all hand made with hypoallergenic materials and nickel free, on each piece also inevitable is the charm with stylized little man or woman.

The craftsmanship and strictly Made in Italy allows you to create truly unique pieces and this can be seen from uneven coloring that many pieces have such bracelets Birikini with speckled effect or military imperfections that we also found in the plain-colored ones. The bracelets are priced starting from 14.90, EUR for a single colored models right up to € 19.90 for those with textures worked.
The entire collection of bracelets of the Birikini Passion line is composed of 13 bracelets can be matched with the brand’s line dedicated to the shopping bag, even these very nice and colorful. The bracelets Birikini I really like you I find perfect for the summer is to be used in cities, but also at sea and if mixed in the right way by choosing certain colors and combining them with other bracelets can even be used for an elegant evening.
I have Birikini perfect for women of all ages who want to express their way of being and their emotions, but also for girls who like their moms love to be in step with fashion.