Brazil Has 18 Thousand People Using Electronic Anklets

A study presented by the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday points out that there are 18,172 people with an electronic ankle brace in Brazil, 88% of whom are men and 12% are women. The number represents only 3% of the approximately 600,000 prisoners in the country. Of the 17 states with electronic monitoring centers in operation, São Paulo is the most monitored place: 4.2 thousand.

According to the contractual forecast of all the units of the Federation that have the service, the survey points out, it would be possible to monitor electronically 40,431 people. Of the total capacity, therefore, about 45%(18,172) is actually used. The monthly cost per monitored prisoner varies between 167 reais and 660 reais, according to the research. And you can get more from

The survey showed that 86.18% of those using the ankle brace in Brazil are prisoners serving their sentence-especially in open, semi-open and temporary exits. Only 12.63% are monitored as a precautionary measure other than provisional arrest or protective measure-when the perpetrator is prohibited from approaching the victim, commonly applied in cases of domestic violence. According to Renato De Vitto, director general of the National Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice, despite the potential to inhibit incarceration in cases where arrest could be avoided, technology is still little used as an alternative to arrest in the country.