Buying a Semijoia Wholesale Jewelry

It is not today that the semi-jewelery market is experiencing an avalanche of offers with products of all kinds. On the one hand, this is very good, since it opens up infinitely the range of options for consumers, on the other hand it is a warning because, as in all other markets, the origin and quality of these products are not always equally (and loyally) competitive.

We particularly enjoy this market momentum as it makes us better every day. After all, with a great competition we have to seek every day more excellence, ethics and professionalism, philosophy that has existed in Renata Pedroso since its inauguration.

However, before you go out to buy semi-jewelry wholesale, it is good to know, research and know your suppliers thoroughly. I’m sure you’ll find great companies that offer what you are looking for that will make you sell with much more confidence. Knowing closely the processes involved in making an earring, for example, will help you add more value to that part, and consequently your customer will feel safer at the time of purchase as well.

So here we list 4 things you should know before buying semijoints wholesale. I’m sure these tips will help you sell much better and retain your customers loyalty. Here at boothbuying you can get more different models and styles.

  1. Know the process by which semijoia is manufactured:there are currently countless manufacturing processes of one piece such as semijoia manufactured in low melt, stamping, assembly and high melting (which is what we sell here and explain the process in this post – High Fusion).
  1. Learn to differentiate stones from a semijoia:an example of this is the zirconia that in the eyes of a layman does not make much difference, but there are subtle differences that influence the brilliance, quality and durability of a stone. In the market there are first-line zirconia, second line and so on … and this directly affects the brilliance of the stone, especially after going through the bathing process, as the zirconia and even the crystals can be damaged or lose that much desired shine after To have the piece bathed. So it is with the crystals and that is why we select our stones to guarantee this quality, from beginning to end.
  1. Learn all you can about the bath of a semijoia:here is very important to know, because the market offers innumerable options of baths, with different processes and layers. The same necklace can be bathed in gold, silver, black rhodium, graphite, white rhodium, palladium and so on … not to mention that you can also choose how many layers of precious metal you can give in one piece (a gold- Example, it can receive 3, 5, 10 or more thousandths of a layer). We explain about the electroplating process here: Bathing of raw parts. How it works?

Question the origin of the product you are buying:just like in all markets, we find products with irresistible offers and that is where the danger lives: when the supply is too irresistible, we must keep an eye on it (remember the popular saying that When almsgiving is too much until the saint suspects). Stop and think: if you sell your customer an earring worth $ 50, it’s obvious that you bought for a smaller amount to get your profit and pay all the expenses involved in your business. If you have this profit, we know that the wholesaler also has the profits and costs of it that as a consequence this falls on the factory that needs to pay the inputs and employees involved in the manufacture of this earring. If you are able to sell a piece for an irresistible price think about it: either you actually got a special shipment from your wholesaler in which he was able to give that discount (like a collection turn, for example), or someone at the end of that chain Back) is paying dearly for it. We know of innumerable cases in the fashion world where people pay dearly for others to wear cheap clothes and accessories and the banner that we Renata Pedroso wants to raise is the banner of ethics where EVERYONE wins.