Bvlgari Celebrates Its 130th Anniversary Supporting The Cinema, a Save The Children and Creating Unique Jewelry

Bvlgari is anniversary. Hundred and thirty years, it is said soon! And to start celebrating it as tradition dictates, it has commanded to make a beautiful drawing done with watercolors of the facade of its flagship Via Condotti (Rome) where you can see, in the background, the staircases of Piazza de Espagna, which served for invitations to a Grand gala which will be held tonight.

Since 1884, Bvlgari jewelry have been an emblem of Italian excellence with outstanding quality and distinctive style, a balance between classicism and modernity. Since 1920, this jewelry company also began to manufacture watches. Today, Bvlgari is part of elite timepieces brands. Watches Bulgari collection combines a powerful with the Swiss experience design.

To celebrate this important anniversary, Bvlgari is organizing many activities and events. To begin with, he decided to sponsor the International Festival of Cortormetrajes “A Shaded View on Fashion Film”, presenting fashion films of one minute, dedicated to fashion, style and beauty. The winners of this contest, inspired by the colors of the iconic gem stones with which the firm manufactures its emblematic jewelry, could project his works in the Tempio di Adriano (piazza di Pietra) during the Altaroma Fashion Week.

Recently, Bvlgari has also launched an ad in support of the NGO Save the Children. Through the campaign “STOP. THINK. GIVE”, the firm has been proposed to raise funds for the organization. Therefore it has reinterpreted his famous Bzero1-ceramic ring. This ring, which will be engraved with the logo of the NGO in its interior, it will be sold for 420 euros, 90 of which will be allocated to improve the life of children in disadvantaged regions.

Rome is the cradle of all the creations of Bvlgari and the perfect setting for both admire the beauty of the jewelry pieces created by the firm as the eternal city. Today, 20 March, held a exclusive super event to celebrate this important anniversary where a select number of privileged clients can admire the most unique and spectacular Bvlgari creations.

Each piece, unpublished to date, has been conceived, designed and made during the last year in honor of this special occasion, celebrating a legacy of unprecedented design and beauty, that attract celebrities and dignitaries from around the world.

But the news that really has transcended to the Italian firm’s Haute Joaillerie It will fund the restoration of the mythical steps of Piazza di Spagna. Bvlgari has announced along with the Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, who will donate a million and a half euros. Restoration work will begin within a year. An important tribute to the eternal city.