Chanel Us Invites You to Discover The Brilliance of The Cafe Society with a New Collection of Jewelry

Referring to the Coffee Society in the 1920s, Chanel has created a Haute Joaillerie collection dedicated to the audacity and inspired by freedom. At any time of the day or night, these parures glow to the skin.

Accompanying each gesture of a trail of light. Between the elegance and the mood, among rules very well settled and an irrepressible taste for everything that involves novelty, life is a party that reinvents itself every moment.

Chanel It invites us to discover a society, the Coffee Society, which cultivated a certain art in that shine with own splendor. The collection is available in six lines, which coincide with different schedules uses. The Midnight is appropriate for the midnight; the Morning in Vendôme to dawn, at 5.55 p.m. The Broadway would have to wait until you give 12,00 o’clock of midday; the Charleston is to 3.00 p.m., the NAP time. To go out after work, at 6.00 pm nothing better than the Symphony, and the Sunset, as its name suggests, is for when the sun sets in summer late, to that of 9,55 h.

Midnight: Parures which play with the ambiguity of the chiaroscuro, between the deep black of Onyx and brilliant white diamonds; between the figurative and the abstract designs of hypnotic silhouettes. The contrast makes your game around midnight.

Morning in Vendôme: a parure with an incredible wealth of colours, motifs and raw materials: white or pink, Padparadscha sapphires gold or Pink diamonds. All the light of the aurora in a spectacular jewel in which attention to detail has been carried to its end.

Broadway: a parure that owes its balance to its architectural lines setted with diamonds of different sizes. A geometry of the style between references to the layout of the streets of New York, to the design of its skyscrapers and the glitter of Broadway.

Charleston: a parure thing to look like one of those wonderful costumes of the 1920s, light and fluid, that they conform to the body as if it were a second skin, and that combines perfectly with the lines graph of the square with the glow of pure diamonds.

Symphony: a parure whose virtuosity consists of the lightness with which master craftsmen jewellers of Chanel have assembled sequences of diamonds of various sizes. A display of precious black, white notes, eighth notes and semi quavers translated into the world of jewelry.

Sunset: a parure inspired by the colors of the Sun to become, a seeded Golden burst of magnificent Padparadscha sapphires with a cameo of dusty roses that worked an incredible sample of trades and know-how.