Ear Cuff: Tips on How to Use With Short Hair

The  ear cuff  was featured in fashion week and is always present on red carpets, an accessory that has become a trend among celebrities, and now, has fallen in the taste of Brazilian fashionistas!

Ear Cuff Tips on How to Use With Short Hair

It is not from today that this play is out there. Used since the 90’s, although it was only successful in 2012, the jewel was used long before that and was a symbol of nobility in other times, such as Cleopatra.

Super versatile, the ear cuff can be used on different occasions, from day to day even in more sophisticated events, but this will depend on the combination of the model with the clothing you are wearing.

Only this is not the goal of today’s post! Some readers have asked us questions about how to use this fashion accessory with short hair. And we, always trying to help, prepare this unique and fresh content for you to learn how to use this earring (combining with your hair) without fear!

Come on?

How to wear ear cuff

The use of the ear cuff can be done by any woman, as long as she likes the accessory. That is, if the earring makes your style, invest in it!

But, it is important to pay attention to some details about this piece. First, is that it alone is extremely striking. Therefore, usually the ear cuff is used only on one side of the ear, while on the other it is only a speck of light.

If you want to wear the ear cuff on both sides, choose the smaller, extravagant pieces to avoid loading the look.

The only rule to use it is to have common sense. Does not look cool a shiny ear cuff, worked on stones or too heavy to work. These should be used at night outputs.

Ear Cuff Earring with Zirconia, 3 Hearts, Gold Plated

For day-to-day, I find the small, colorful or delicate pieces beautiful. Look at this example here:

Although it is very delicate and perfect for the most romantic women, the zirconia stones leave the modern piece, which lifts the look, even if it is only a pair of jeans and a basic white shirt.

Let your ear cuff always show

What’s the use of buying a beautiful ear cuff that matches your face and looks wonderful in your ears if nobody can see it? Do not even think about letting this chiquérrimo accessory hidden!

This earring is perfect for those who have short hair mainly for the practicality of not having to hold the piece to appear.

But if your wires are medium, like a long bob cut, just hold it a little or throw it all aside so you become a diva.

Oh, forget it: there is no such old-fashioned short-haired woman do not match with big earrings. COMBINE YES! And the big ear cuffs , then, look divine.

In case of this model, when it is large, it is to cover all around the ear and never go against the neck, so if you have the shorter neck, you can abuse this jewelry yes!

These celebs have shown that they give yes to wearing big ear cuffs with short hair, look:
Dare in short hairstyles

If your hair is “Johnny” style, PERFECT! No need to worry about hairstyles to wear with the ear cuff, because the earring will already appear anyway.

But if your cut is a little bigger, it is worth dare on some more worked hairstyles that evidence the piece.

Of course you can just throw all the hair aside and that’s it, the ear cuff is there for everyone to see! But since it’s a remarkable accessory, I think it’s important to pat the strings so they’re up to the earring. So: But this is even better:
Short-haired curls also deplete this accessory

Those who have curly hair, already dispense hairstyles, after all, the curls destroy without needing anything else.

When looking for Ear Cuff earrings that value your face, give preference to the smaller ones if your hair has a lot of volume. So you get a cool contrast.

Beware when it comes to harmonizing tones

Whether it’s long, medium or short hair, they all match the ear cuffs.

However, what you need to pay attention to is the time to harmonize the color of your hair with the main color of the earring (or the base).

It may seem strange, but this is one detail that makes all the difference. If your hair is clear, it is best to opt for the silver accessories, avoiding the golden color. If the wires are dark, gold will be the best option.

Colorful earrings are now available for all shades of hair, including wicks, lights and everything!

Ear Cuff Earrings

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