Found in Bh: Retoke Fair!

It’s not news to anyone that we have a “thing” for the lifestyle . This has been one of the themes of the Fashionistando in the air, who remembers?

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It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with way cool as the inhabitants of the wonderful city lead to life. Especially when the subject is to promote legal events, full of bossa. Already famous in the charming neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, Retoke disembarks in Belo Horizonte and the proposal is charming in many ways. There is already a fair success two years ago and is part of the calendar folks.

And last night was the first night of the event in solo Miner, which brings together all the best that mine has to offer: great food, music, fashion and the like.

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The venue for this gathering of talents is the traditional District of Cruise Market, the class young city knows well. With watchful eyes and experienced in capturing cool stuff, Retoke came to the State capital and was keen to handpick everything would be there. The curatorship of the marks was made with great care. All new creators full of talent, with beautiful pieces and super cool price.

Proof of this is that we visited all the corners of the brands and we were delighted to see so much work done to the nines, many times few people know. How does it work? Just arrive and begin walking calmly, stroll the macaws, choose something, try and bring home. If during this tour hit a hungry, you’ll also be in doubt of what to eat, why are several options. And you can get more from gradinmath.

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We talked to the peak for the summer is the tendency of 70 years, huh? So all that is with fringes, Bell sleeves, flare pants, lace and flashy accessories come in for the game. The Retoke brought several brands that have bucked that trend and took amazing pieces for the event; hard to choose!

But aside from casual clothes and jewelery, handbags and swimwear also brand presence there. The smart already take the opportunity to ensure the bag for the holidays, right? #ficaadica

And at the hour of sipping, there is an extensive range of beers and snacks. The cuisine of Minas Gerais also present since the cuteness of the foodbike of the “Sweet” to the Grocery cart of “Oh, My Churros” and also the Brownie Bistro, filled with delights.

The cool thing is that, in addition to the sets, the Retoke opens space for art and decoration. There you find pieces to make your home even more cozy and much more. This is our Tip a must to enjoy the weekend in a way cool.

Today the Retoke stays open until midnight and amanhça, Saturday, 10:00 at 6:30 pm. Invite your friends!