Gewinnspiel: Teno Yukon Jewelry Series

The TeNo YuKoN jewelry series adorns not only the skin, but it also contributes to the well-being. With this jewellery collection, the carriers show that they are not only fashion-conscious, but that they are is important. This jewelry allows the carrier of their creativity free rein.

The series of jewelry includes bracelets and necklaces. Customers have the opportunity to personalize their jewelry, because this series includes several elements that blend perfectly with the bracelets and the necklace. The bracelets were made from stainless steel and rubber so far and both elements blend perfectly with each other. The collection was expanded in autumn 2010 braided leather straps. This fall introduced casual new smooth, square Leather Wristbands with YuKoN, can be individually adjusted in length.

Thanks to the wide range of YuKoN item customers can not only personalize the bracelets, but they can freely decide whether they love it more elegant or sporty. The bracelets in a matter of seconds can be redefined with the element of TeNo YuKoN. Customers can customize your bracelet for any occasion, as they decide whether they prefer today of prefer diamonds, gold, Horn, mother-of-Pearl, or stainless steel. The thread on the individual elements takes place very quickly. This, the carrier will receive the matching bracelet for any occasion in the blink of an eye.

The YuKoN jewelry series is a manifold of jewelry of TeNo and the jewelry series can carry both men and women, thanks to the Unisex style. With the YuKoN bracelet loop of rubber, each wrist is a catcher. This bracelet can be wrapped around the wrist twice or several times.

TeNo stands for jewelry of people that offers opportunity to implement their own creativity and individually, they can highlight their personality with this jewelry. The jewelry is mass-produced, but on the contrary he stands out from the crowd. The label brings together not only different elements in his jewelry, but it combines important and traditional values. The jewelry comes from Germany and the designers allow customers with the jewelry discover a wonderful world and diversity.

Also the proximity to customers is extremely important TeNo. Therefore, the company in addition to the presence maintains a lively exchange with customers and retailers about the TeNo blog and Facebook, where more than 5,000 fans here are.

In November, all fashion insiders have readers to discover the way fashion insiders by participating in a contest the world of TeNo YuKoN. In collaboration with TeNo raffled collection of TeNo ten times per a bracelet from the YuKoN. The winner can choose the color of the bracelet and get a black or white TeNp YuKoN bracelet.

If you want to win one of the bracelets, post simply on our Facebook page, what color you want to get the winner.

Among all who take part in the action between 1 November and 30 November 2011 on our Facebook page, we are giving away ten bracelets. The winner will be notified on Facebook and can then choose the colour of your choice. Good luck!

Incidentally, TeNo held just black & white action. Until Christmas, these bracelets to a special price are to get and ideal as a Christmas gift.