How Edblad Jewelry is Manufactured

We get a lot of questions about the jewelry that we sell, it can involve different materials and how the jewelery is manufactured. We beat a signal to Hans Edblad who is the owner and designer of the brand Edblad for answers to the question of how their jewelry is manufactured. Do you see any jewelry from Edblad click here!

To answer His!

Thanks for the questions, I will try to answer as best I can. The steel in our jewelry is always 316 L or equivalent SIS / 2353 / 2348th steel is plated with a method called IP plating, which can be explained as follows,-a substance inserted into something resembling an autoclave, and the process / plating occurs then without liquid. This method provides an extremely strong plating when compared with, for example rhodium on silver or brass, IP plating is often used in watches. Another advantage is that the jewelry have a fantastic luster. I myself have been in the factory and seen, and the whole process. Otherwise, I might mention that Edblads jewelry is nickel-safe according to the EU Nickel Directive. All stones in Edblads jewelry are synthetic and are called Cubik zircons.