Icon, The New Line of Jewelry from Cruciani

An of the most famous bracelets these times for several seasons is the signed by Cruciani and made macramé. Their clovers, butterflies, hearts and other shapes have sold more than 14 million units around the world in two and a half years, and have been lucidas by world famous characters such as Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, Rod Stewart, Dita Von Teese and star Beyonce pop (among many others).

Now the Italian firm launches its new line of jewelry: Icon. As the saying says it, renew or die, so this new collection is composed by bracelets and silver necklaces with a fine chain and resin four-leaf clover. In this way, the emblem of the brand is presented in one renewed version.

As it could not be otherwise, and following its philosophy, the most famous clover will be presented in different shades to choose the one that best suits you.

In this way, the new line is attached to the collection of bracelets and the new line of bags and leather goods from Cruciani C.