Interview with Elena Carrera, The Jewelry That Demystified The Fine Jewellery

Is young, handsome, passionate, modern, enterprising, hardworking mother and heiress of one of the Empires of jewelry most prestigious in Spain. It is also fun and solidarity (some of his pieces are collaborating with 25% of its price to the AECC), with a gift of people that manages to make everyone feel comfortable within five minutes of meeting her. Has a contagious energy and you will always see it with a smile.

The jewelry Elena Carrera us has conquered by his work and his way of being and if a few months ago we presented her new perfume, we today would Embelezzia (Jezebel luxury) readers to know it a little better.

Tell us the story of the family career?

My family has been linked to the world of jewelry since 1885 with my great-grandfather, but in 1970 when Juan José Carrera which is my father and Manuel Carrera, my uncle, joined their surnames to form Carrera y Carrera, Spanish brand of international reference in the world of jewelry.

Now continuing that tradition, independently I still responsible witness creating my own brand Elena C.

What is your first memory of childhood with jewels as a reference?

As regards memories are when visiting my father in the first workshop of the Calle Atocha, Madrid and the modellers who had working gave me the remains of wax prototypes so that you play and encouraged me.

They are images, boxes with stones, folders, the smell of sealing that closed packets before sending them. These memories would happen to the bug which I entered in the fairs. Even today, when I visit a fair, it smells new stand with carpet that I love, takes me back to my childhood and I feel at home.

A funny anecdote

Many, but some cannot be count, above all those that the gems mingle with friends.

An exciting story

When discovered in a story of Hello that the Queen Rania of Jordan I had released my earrings to inaugurate the Jordanian Parliament. It was a huge thrill.

How does the joyaterapia?

A meeting of friends who happen to see me at one of our stores and there, between talk and confession, We are testing us all what we will apeteciendo and we will cheering for moments to realize of the well that we was sitting and even better, it rather than what we were last. This is how we think that this should be done, so that when we encourage us on an afternoon walk, testing clothing, etc. Thus was born the “joyaterapia”.

We idolized the world of jewelry?

No, I don’t think so. What does is idolized is the so-called profit behind the articles of jewelry when it is totally false. Margins with which to work on jewelry are not nor fairly comparable to perfumes, bags, or textile.

How is the female that you design?

A REAL woman, who enjoys his identity and that each day is more like it. Women who they are instead seem and they take our pieces as part of a personal style that defines them.

How have new technologies changed the work of jewelers?

New technologies as well as in other professions, they have provided specific tasks but continues to be our, a product I would say, in a craft eighty percent.

A lightning questions:

– A stone… I can’t, they are many!!
– A metal… One pink- A dish… The pasta- A color… The White- An animal… The horse- An emblematic piece… My engagement ring

I imagine that after this interview, you will be many who’ll a ride for the shop and the designs of Elena Carrera, the jewelry that demystified the fine jewellery