Jewel of Ideal Marriage for Each Sign

Learn what wedding jewelry match your personality and style according to your zodiac sign.

Choose the ideal jewelry for the look of the big day can be a very difficult task. With styles ranging from the romantic, even the cool, the brides, for spotless, need to choose those pieces that best convey your essence and personality.

And all this is directly related to the signs of the Zodiac. The day and month that you were born influences your personality and tastes. With the help of astrólogas, we made a selection of jewelry that match more with each sign. Check below!


The irreverent Aquarian might not want to wear jewelry. But everything will depend on the circumstances. If she decides to use will be a tight Choker , white gold geometric style. In the ears, a brilliant discreet.


According to the astrologer Ana Cristina Abbade, ariana is strong and likes jewels that show your personality. Nothing very delicate, even for a bride. “A diamond necklace, not too big, with matching earrings, can be an option very suitable for your style,” he says. Explore Headbands with Rhinestones can also be a choice of bride of Aries.


Without a doubt, for the cancerianas, pearls! This bride is sensitive, authentic and emotional. Ana indicates: collar close to the neck of authentic pearls and earrings also very delicate, low ears, also of Pearl.


Conservative and traditional, the bride of Capricorn will want to use a family jewel. A gold necklace with a small bright design and emeralds in the Center and earrings alike. Everything that was used by the grandmother or mother.


The Scorpio can surprise. It’s mysterious, strong personality and imposing. Loves Ruby and your jewel will have a touch of this stone, is a necklace with gold and only a pendant or earrings us.


The Gemini is modern, sociable and versatile. Explore lace or details that draw attention to the personality and the beauty of the bride of twins.


Lion’s bride is haughty, has personality and likes to draw attention. So, should explore the gold, Ruby and diamond. According to Ilza, diamond and jewelry Choker with rich details in stones and gold are the best option for this bride. You cn get more from sacramentomart.


Balance is the hallmark of this sign and everything that uses and wears. Is refined and worried about the aesthetics. “If the dress has embroidery of stones or pearls, this will be the material in jewel that will take on the ears and in the neck”, explains Ana Cristina.


The bride is romantic fish, receptive and influenced. The jewelry should be light and delicate. Earrings with brilliants and pearls can be a valuable option for the piscean.


Exaggeration rules in Sagittarius and I wouldn’t let a bride without a very sumptuous jewel! Is jovial and optimistic. A Choker studded with diamonds and earrings of the same stone forming the conjunction is a good option.


The bride of Taurus is sensual and like refinement and delicacy. His jewelry has to be valuable, but nothing too extravagant. According to astrologer Ilza Benevides, the neck and the neck should be an option exploited by the bride of a bull. Gold necklaces with pendant of bright, shiny earrings and jewelry to family are ideal for her.


Virgo is quite discreet. Only delicate earrings, can be even pendant, but small and subtle. Nothing in the neck not to excess.