Jewelry from Finland: Lapponia Opts for Artistic Inspiration

Lapponia jewelry is experiencing a global Renaissance. Strong women choose wonderful themes to realize themselves. The jewels of Lapponia are inspired by the harsh nature of Northern Finland. This close relationship to the nature of the North and the newfound impressions are kind of expression with the film, as well as with the overall marketing strategy of the silent language of nature supported.

Jewelry from Finland Lapponia Opts for Artistic Inspiration

The Image Film of Lapponia shows stunning footage of the Northern landscape, with the song Sacra of the Finnish Band Apocalyptica. The film tells the origins of Lapponia and presents the source of inspiration of the artists for those who had never even witnessed the exotic beauty of Northern Finland.
The artistic characters of Lapponia be stressed also in other marketing activities. During the filming for the fire-film, the world-famous photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Professor of fine arts at Boston University began work on a series of fantastic art photos. This is based on the marketing concept of “Silent language of nature” by Lapponia.
A series of shots that metaphorically reflect Lapponias message in a wonderful way was created through the cooperation. In terms of communication, the campaign differs greatly from other luxury brands. There could be no better time to the campaign to launch, because Helsinki was as the “World design capital 2012” award.