Jewels Follow Modernity Whilst Eternal

A consumer who wants to follow the current trend of big earrings, for example, will not fail to use the jewel next season because fashion changed

Real jewels or replicas? To a layman in the subject, there may be no difference. For consumers who adhere to the second option also there – when what is sought is economics, safety, style, elegance. But the jewels of truth do not lose your space. And if modernize: follow fashion trends without cease to be eternal.

The consumer who wants to follow the current trend of big earrings, for example, will not fail to use the jewel next season because the fashions have changed. All this because of the versatility of the removable parts. ” One can have long earring, medium or short. If you have stone, it is also possible to remove. Most of the pieces that we created today can make substitutions, ” says Paul Lara, owner of Lara jewelers.

In addition to versatile, the manager observes that the jewels are more sophisticated, with production in appropriate machines and digital technology. In addition, Brazil brings together the greatest jewelry designers in the world and that are in evidence in Europe. ” Our industries invest more and more in the design of the parts, ” check out Lara.

Another point in favour of national jewelry is the wide variety and quality of Brazilian stones. ” Our market is very Rico stones. We have the best in the world, ” says Lara. Among the most commonly used stones currently, entrepreneur highlights blue Sapphire, Emerald, rose de france, Opal (pink, green, white), the morganite.

According to Lara, the white gold–trend in recent years–still predominates in the pieces that go diamond, but the Golden gold is back and should be ” strong ” in 2009. Another trend is the Rosemary-lime gold, which goes well with Brazilian stones in the same tone. ” But you have to be able to combine the stones with the pieces. Hence the importance of a good designer, ” advises Lara, whose company’s 30 years in the industry. Of the products they sell, 60% are own creations of unique design.

The dynamism of the market also brings out new ways to meet the public. An example are the campaigns made in two months of the year in which customers take on antique jewelry shop to be evaluated and exchanged for new jewelry. In Lara Jewelers, ” parts like all budgets, ” says the businessman, but most of the jewelry sold is on average between R $1000 R $3000.

As for the replicas, which emerge stronger in the market, Lara notes that shakes the sector of the real jewels. ” We have a client who does not give up the authenticity. Are women who can’t use an imitation, ” values. According to the businessman, this audience knows how to give value to a gem and see it as an instrument of seduction and also as an investment. ” It is clear that you need to exercise care in time to use (because of the violence). But the gold today is world currency. In the last years of market upheaval, he always appreciated, ” says Lara.

‘ Are such beautiful pieces as the real ‘

” Today, nobody knows if you are using is jewelry or replica. Depending on who is the person, everyone will think it’s even jewelry, ” says farmer Ana Martha Mucke Silva. She says she has ” family jewels, ” but joined the replicas for about a year when he moved from São Paulo to London.

” I didn’t know replica. I saw in the window of a store and thought it was great. I found it very interesting. The pieces are so beautiful as the real ” look. Ana Martha says that buying the replicas for the beauty and the issue of ” cost-benefit ”.

The farmer says he likes all kinds of accessory and buying pieces when he sees news that appeal. ” I’m very Pig (character actress Regina Duarte in the novel Roque Santeiro). I won’t buy anything for a jewel. And I don’t see any problem in assuming that are replicas. ”

Replicas like the beauty and cost

Replica jewelry maker and owner of two stores in the sector in Londrina, Juliana Swarça is pleased with the evolution of this market. ” Women today go after beauty, style. Don’t care whether what they are using is real or not, as long as there are quality, ” says the entrepreneur, who started selling semi-precious for 15 years in the homes of customers, some time after he passed for replicas and two years ago opened your first store.

” I’ve always had an elite clientele and saw there the possibility of working with replicas that you did good things for women of taste, ” says Juliana. She notes that most women today no longer prejudice assume that uses replica. Among his customers, there are those who have never used actual pieces, no longer wearing jewelry and those that fall between the two options. And you can get what you want from

” In the old days, women were content to use a single earring (true) for a variety of occasions. Today, with modernity, the big earrings are trend, and need not be true ” compares.

The Manager informs you that the replicas that produces are ” inspired by real jewels ” and made in silver with gold and fine workmanship. ” Are different from semi-precious, which are usually in gold or silver plated brass, and cannot have size or color modified, ” explains.

Of the products it sells, 70% Juliana are own creations. The strong are rings and earrings with stones. ” We use 950 silver with twenty thousandth in gold, in addition to Brazilian real stones and crystals dyed and polished, ” he explains. Some examples of stones are Topaz, Onyx, Amethyst, Emerald, agate, Tiger’s eye, Ruby, Pearl, zirconia, among others.

The prices are on average 10% of the value of a true gem, according to his Manager. A ring made of silver and gold-plated, with 245 zirconia stones, priced at R $790. Jewelry that inspires the play, produced in gold, with brilliant stones, could be worth more than R $7000, as Juliana.

Gisele Marie