Saint Petersburg, Russia

According to, the captivating city of St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great. The historic city center is part of the list of UNESCO World Heritage and that is not for nothing. There are a lot of special and historical sights to visit in this Russian metropolis. When it comes to museums, going out, shopping and traditions, you will certainly not be short of anything in this cultural heart of Russia. Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia after Moscow. From 1924 to 1991 the city was called Leningrad, in honor of Prime Minister Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who died in 1924.

Top 10 sights of Sing Petersburg

#1. Hermitage Museum
Since this former palace was opened as a museum in 1852 by Tsar Nicholas, it has had many visitors. Not only the immense building attracts many visitors every year, but also what it has to offer is not bad. In addition to the quite impressive collection of art that has been gathered there, there are also archaeological finds on display that range from between the 8th and 19th centuries. You will find this museum on the ‘Palace Square’.

#2. Palace Square
On this very large square in the city of St. Petersburg you will find the Winter Palace of the Russian tsars. The building has no less than 1500 rooms, 1786 doors and 1945 windows. Today it belongs to the largest museums in the world ‘the Hermitage’. In the center of the square is the red granite Alexander Column. It was placed after the Russian victory of the war with Napoleon’s France. This square is regularly the stage for greats such as The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Madonna and Andrea Bocelli who give a concert there.

#3. St. Isaac’s Cathedral
The beautiful Russian Orthodox cathedral with golden dome is one of the most visited tourist attractions of St. Petersburg. The striking dome looms from afar. Around the dome are another twelve statues of angels, designed by Josef Hermann. It took more than forty years to build this beautiful piece of architecture.

#4. Mariinsky Palace
Great masters from the world of music, opera and ballet have had their premiere in this theater building, which was opened in 1860. Home to the Mariinsky Ballet, Mariinsky Opera and Mariinsky Orchestra, it remains St. Petersburg’s most prestigious theater.

#5. Nevsky Prospect
This most important and interesting street in St. Petersburg also has a large number of historical sites. The rather long street takes you past the Rastrelliesque Stroganov Palace, Art Nouveau Bookhouse, the monument of Catherine the Great, Russian National Library, Kazan Cathedral, Anichkov Bridge and many old churches from the 18th century. The shopping public is also good here. There is a shopping center from the 18th century and all major and luxury brands can be found in the area.

#6. Trinity Bridge
To connect Kamennoostrovsky Prospect with Suvorovskaya Square, a bridge was built over the Neva. The third and last bridge built is the 582 meter Trinity Bridge. Construction of this huge project began in 1897 and was completed in 1903. Another famous bridge in St. Petersburg is the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge, which was built to connect the Oktha region with the center.

#7. Admiralty Building
This building is also called the focal point of St. Petersburg. The building, which is also the symbol of the city, was designed by Russian architect Andreyan Zakharov. You can find the Admiralty Building on the three main streets Nevsky Prospect, Gorokhovaya and Voznesensky Prospect.

#8. Kazan Cathedral
Another commonly used name for this cathedral is ‘Our Lady of Kazan’ which is the most revered icon in the country. Since 1801, ten years have been spent on this beautiful piece of history. St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome has inspired the Kazan to give it the same grandeur. Various artists from that time were engaged for the interior, such as Alexander Ivanov. The cathedral can be found on the important street Nevsky Prospect.

#9. Catherine Palace
After Catherine I of Russia approached the German architect Johann-Friedrich Braunstein to design a summer residence, construction began in 1717. In the years that followed, many adjustments took place and various parts were added. No expense has been spared in the sublime execution of the majestic exterior of this former regal palace. Of course there is a beautiful palace garden afterwards. This palace and appurtenances are located in the town of Tsarskoye Selo, which is about 15 miles south of downtown St. Petersburg.

#10. Peterhof
This park is (not entirely unjustly) known as the ‘Russian Versailles’. The whole of palaces and associated gardens were once commissioned by Peter the Great. Water features, fountains, statues and lots of splendor characterize this regal part of the city. Particularly beautiful is the cascading fountain, the ‘Great Cascade’, which overflows into the large pond with the fountain of Samson.

Saint Petersburg, Russia