Luxenter Valentine Jewelry

And more stuff by Valentine, already missing very little and have to go in the process of finalizing the gifts. And it is the signature Luxunter It has also joined this special day and launched their own proposals with the most significant part as actor: the heart. And in addition, plug-ins for all ages.

Purple clear pieces, a few elegant pendant game with hoop earrings in Natural amethyst and silver rhodium-plated. Earrings I see them more appropriate for looks in the evening or at night, but the pendant is perfect to wear with jeans and shirt. The pendant I love, not only because of the color, but because the chains of amethyst in the combination of tones and stronger tone gives a touch more colorful and appealing. Also, the color purple is one of the tones of this season.

The line in dark blue is very appropriate for this Spring-summer because if I have given you a returned by stores you will see that the dark blue, takes much so these pieces are perfect for combining with that color.

As original is hanging with lock and key, with a cord of the same color, matching earrings and necklace heart surrounded by stones. Earrings seem to be precious, a ring with a single heart hanging, very stylish! Although you also see them appropriate for night looks.

And as I say in every post, if you don’t have anyone who give it to you and you like it, then indulge.