Male Silver Accessories: Tips for Year-End Parties!

Silver accessories are a great option when it comes to being well dressed. You want to know tips to combine them with your outfit for the holidays year-end? Here comes the Uber47 help!


Usually the end-of-year celebrations of the companies are made after business hours, so you hardly change of clothes to go to an event like this. If you work with social clothes invest in silver accessories discreet. Check it out:


The bar with friends usually happens in more flexible schedules, often on weekends, here’s released any type of accessory in silver. The more discreet to bulkier. The important thing is to know your clothes match and the place where it will. Spy all that separated for you!


On Christmas Eve, is the moment where everyone likes to get dressed, but the combination will depend on how much of your Christmas party. Have families who celebrate with great refinement and formality, and have families who already choose a dinner more stripped. If you already know how it’s going to be dinner, opt for silver accessories designed for this date. See our tips!


The Christmas lunch is very relaxed. Many people already use the gifts that have won in the supper and that can be a riddle in time to match their silver accessories, because after all, you didn’t even have time to think about that match and you have to go running to lunch because you slept late. lol but don’t worry! Our suggestion is completely Joker and will match anything, anything at all, you win!


In the new year we are faced with the habit of wearing white clothes, but has no problem using colorful accessories, since they talk! If you want to give an up in your production of new year invest in colors and their meaning for your new year started off on the right foot and with the correct silver accessories. Look at our tips!