Michelle Williams Returns to Lend His Image to Lockit, The New Campaign of Jewelry Louis Vuitton

In early 2008, the Ponte Milvio in Rome began to fill with locks as a result of the success of the novel “Ho voglia di te” in Federico Moccia, which then made an adaptation for cinema which titled “to three metres above the ground” in which you could see their players to write their names on a padlock, hang one of the bridge streetlights, and throw the key into the Tiber River, thus sealing their love for life.

The phenomenon quickly spread to other cities, because it was a ritual that has become very popular among young couples. In October 2012, inspired in the padlocks and keys – two of the icons of the firm-, and by the universal symbol of these lovelocks, Louis Vuitton Joaillerie presented also his Lockit collection composed of fifteen pieces, among which there were necklaces, rings and bracelets in gold white, pink and yellow, with some engarzadas pieces with diamonds paves, and representing that love real, so valuable and rare to find, whereas protection under lock and key.

As well, the collection Louis Vuitton Lockit will also feature a new visual which is can guess, rather than see, the actress Michelle Williams posing behind a jersey black cowl neck with hands covered with black leather gloves, and sporting a bracelet in white gold set with 116 diamonds brilliant cut, in which either missing the famous lock.

On this occasion, the padlock serves to close the cuff as if it were a snap, which reminds us a lot to the famous the Steamer Bag closure Louis Vuitton. The back of the same hides a hinge decorated with LV nails. The cuff is sold accompanied by a set of keys, which can be hung from a white gold chain, so that we can have them hanging near the heart. The price of the cuff in question is 13.500,00 EUR.