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How to Buy a Brooch

Gold and silver, full of rhinestones and gems studded ruby and sapphire: the jewel brooches are perfect to enhance a set that claims to be special. Jewel brooches: deliciously retro charm Fashion passes, style remains – Coco Chanel The message transmitted by a particular set change depending on the…
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Christmas Brooch Jewelry

The tree lights, the silver paper presents, the stars of the nativity scene, candles laid table: the Christmas lights are many and bright. Add pins to the Christmas collection. Christmas brooches, small Christmas jewelry The Christmas decorations are never enough: Christmas…
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How to Use Hair Jewelry

For an outfit for a sophisticated and bright face, to embellish the hairstyle and crown there queens of the evening: the jewelry for hair cannot fail to complete your look! Elegant accessories that never go out of fashion, embellish your style with sophisticated…
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