FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT IN PARIS The Eiffel Tower is one of the most photographed attractions in the city. Flying from Helsinki to Paris It is easy to travel from Finland to Paris, as there are plenty of flight connections available. Several companies, including Finnair and Norwegian , offer direct connections between Helsinki and Paris. Prices vary seasonally, but at their cheapest you can get flights for around a hundred…

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Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide


Ho Chi Minh City is the pulsating center of South Vietnam. The bustling city of millions offers the holidaymaker the opportunity to discover fascinating culture, interesting sights and delicious food. Read Travel Tips here! South Vietnam’s largest city, Ho Chi Minh City is for most locals and tourists still Saigon. With a population of about eight million, Ho Chi Minh City is not only the business center of Vietnam ,…

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Denmark History


Denmark’s history is shaped by different kings, their forms of rule and a long power struggle with Sweden for supremacy in Scandinavia. But give yourself a rough idea of ​​how Denmark’s history went. THE FIRST KINGDOM People are said to have lived in Denmark as early as the Stone Age. The first ancestors of today’s Danes came from what is now southern Sweden to Jutland in the 6th century, where…

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Travel Destinations in France

France 4

Famous sights, delicious food and stunning beaches – fascinating France is a versatile destination! France has a huge amount to see, do and do. European cultural attractions, world-famous art and local elegance are the country’s tourist assets. In addition, the tourist encounters irresistible taste pleasures in France. A bottle of good wine and fresh baguette are authentic French flavors where great gourmet restaurants are. Moving around France In the largest cities,…

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Flights, Accommodation and Movement in Russia


Russia, the eastern neighbor, is a large country with enough interesting destinations for Finns as well. According to countryaah, Russia, the world’s largest country, is a versatile travel destination right next to Finns. Short for RUS by abbreviationfinder, Russia offers the splendor of tsarist times, echoes of the Soviet past and great cultural experiences, not forgetting delicious food. Handsome mosques are part of Russia. Direct flights to Russia Finland has excellent…

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St. Lucia As a Tourist Country

The best activities in St. Lucia

The small island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean attracts tourists with its strengths: soft sandy beaches and sunshine. However, St. Lucia is also much more than sun-heated sand. Among the paradise islands spotted in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is just one of many – and yet a completely unique experience. Mountainous, lush and lined with sandy beaches, St. Lucia has risen especially popular with honeymooners, but the island is…

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Peru As a Tourism Country


Even the ancient Incas knew that the most breathtaking landscapes of South America can be found in Peru: enchanting Andes and mysterious rainforests. Thousands of years old archeology, fine beaches, the Andes mountains, the wonders of the Amazon rainforest, culture, art, good food and lively city life. There is much more to Peru than the well-known Machu Picchu. More than Machu Picchu According to countryaah, Peru, on the west coast of…

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Madagascar Travel Package

Madagascar 2

The world’s fourth largest island is a strange place with a diverse culture of French, African, Asian and Arab influences. Perhaps it is mainly the strange animal species and unique plants that arouse the desire to travel to the realm of lemurs and monkey bread trees. Madagascar broke away from the African continent 160 million years ago and has lived its own life ever since. Plants and animals have evolved…

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Botswana – Classic Wilderness Camps

Botswana - Classic Wilderness Camps

On this unforgettable journey through Botswana you will experience the wild Africa described on countryaah. You visit the most untouched parts of its unique nature reserve. On Chobe’s savannas, perhaps Africa’s wildest area, you are greeted by lions chasing giraffes and elephants in abundance. In the Okavango Delta with its lush wetlands, thousands of islands and canals, you can hear the hippo growls of hippos. Short for BWA by abbreviationfinder,…

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Mexico Travel Package

Mexico 2

In the northern part of the Mesoamerican cultural area there are many well-known ruined cities. Including the multi-ethnic Teotihuacán. Here was the Aztec Empire with cities such as Tlacopán, Tenochtitlán and Texcoco. The Yucatan Peninsula was home to most of the Mayan culture, including Palenque, Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Cobá and Tulúm. Cancún in the Yucatán has taken over the leadership role as a tourist destination after Acapulco. MEXICO Maya Astronomers…

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Bhutan Travel Package

Bhutan - Land Of The Thunderdragon 2

Short for BTN by, Bhutan was opened to tourism in 1975. Initially, only 5,000 tourists per year were allowed to visit the country but the number is steadily increasing. In the predominantly Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, great importance is attached to cultural heritage and traditions, where conscious efforts are made from an official point of view to preserve one’s own cultural identity. This means that the country can offer…

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