Pertegaz Presents Its First Jewelry Collection

With 90 years, the master of high seam Manuel Pertegaz, the wedding of the Princess of Asturias dress Designer, He created his first line of jewelry. The collection is composed by 65 pieces of yellow, white and pink gold and diamonds, accompanied in some cases by as morganitas and aquamarine gemstones. In this collection, which includes three very spectacular necklaces, is expected to sell about 3000 thousand pieces, all numbered.

The jewels that oscillate between the 600 and 6000 thousand euros, they are made in a workshop of Murcia and sold in jewelry stores and specialty stores around the country. The collection is divided into two very well defined lines: one to look at any time of the day in which it emphasizes the “M” your name and the circles that symbolize buttons. And the other, designed for more special occasions in which abound with chains and parts and large stones. The designer says that its collection is “friendly, refined and very easy to carry,” adjectives that you are very well with your personality.

In the presentation that took place in his workshop in Barcelona, Pertegaz recalled that when he presented his collections also designed some chords with their designs Jewelry complements, “but that never before had prepared an exclusive collection for jewelry”. “Dealing with stones and metals so noble has provided me lots of possibilities to develop my fantasy and imagination, while I’ve always treated that the forms were in constant harmony and provide to carry them the infinite pleasure of what is beautiful, and the eternal”, explained the designer.

Sure they are a success.