Crater Lake National Park - Oregon

Liveable city in nature

According to liuxers, the city of Portland, Oregon is located in the north-west of the USA, north-west in Oregon, at the confluence of the Willamette River and the huge Columbia River, which largely forms the border with the ” State of Washington “. About 652,000 people lived in Portland, Oregon in 2020; in the extended, water-rich metropolitan region far more than 2 million. Portland, Oregon was founded as a small town in the 18th century. Later there were problems with the name of the city, one could not decide. It wasn’t until the mid-19th century that Portland was finally settled on, even though it was on the east side of the continent, in Maine, already had a city called Portland. In 2001, Portland celebrated its 150th anniversary as a city.

Portland, Oregon with Mount Hood in the background

High quality of life on the Columbia River

Portland, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, is a lovable and culturally rich city in the Northwest of the United States, nestled in a beautiful, lush, wooded landscape. There are numerous museums and art galleries to explore in the city. Located in the Northwest of the state and Northwest of the United States, Portland is known for its great shopping. The city’s vibrant cultural scene is popular for its high level of activity. Craftsmanship also plays an important role. Temperatures in Portland rarely rise above 30°C in the summer. This makes life in Portland very enjoyable all year round. Portland has direct access to the Pacific via the Columbia River and thus to the world’s oceans and world trade. Portland also has an international airport.

A reason to celebrate (always found)

The city of Portland, Oregon is famous and notorious for its lively, active nightlife. And a reason to celebrate is easy to find in the lively, young-at-heart city. Many breweries, including small ones, provide the thirsty throats with mostly tasty beer. Countless, good restaurants with great culinary variety are available for the big hunger of the people of the lively city. Regular weekly markets offer regional products. Regularly in June of each year, Portland hosts one of the largest parades in the entire United States, the Rose Festival Parade. Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride is also held regularly instead of. In 2015, about 10,000 people took part in the naked or scantily clad bike ride through the city of Portland. Not everyone has the courage to show themselves naked and that’s okay. Nudity is not a crime in Portland, but lewd behavior is.

At the Portland Boat Harbor in Oregon

Forward-looking infrastructure

Portland describes itself as a very green city. Getting around within the city limits can be done inexpensively by tram and bus. Numerous parks loosen up the urban area. Numerous cycle paths are available. Free charging stations have been provided for electric vehicles. The impressive mountain ” Mount Hood” is located about 70 kilometers south-east of Portland and is easily recognizable from the city. Mount Hood is part of the so-called Cascade chain and has a height of 3,425 meters above sea level. With its white cap, it shapes the skyline of the city of Portland Oregon The mountains of the Cascade Range are great for mountaineering, and a wide range of recreational activities are available in the largely unspoilt natural environment around the popular city.

Crater Lake National Park – Oregon – USA

Volcanic region with high mountains and extensive forests

Crater Lake National Park is located in the US state of Oregon in the Northwest of the United States. The core zone of Crater Lake National Park includes Mount Mazama volcano and its crater lake, Crater Lake. The highest mountain in the national park is Mount Scott at 2,722 meters. The size of the national park is 741 km².

Crater Lake with Wizard Island in the center

Crater Lake National Park was founded in 1902. Up to 450,000 tourists visit the densely wooded, mountainous protected area in Oregon every year. Crater Lake was formed when a huge volcano collapsed. The lake was formed in the former caldera. Crater Lake is fed solely by the meltwater from the large amounts of snow after the end of the mostly snowy winter season in the region. An unbelievable 10 meters of snow, i.e. up to 10 meters high, fall there regularly every year.

Crater Lake – crystal clear and deep blue

The water of Crater Lake is very clear and emits a deep blue color. The cliffs of the lake in the caldera of an extinct volcano drop very steeply. Crater Lake is also known as the ” Pearl of the Cascade Chain “; the former volcano is located in the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. Striking at Crater Lake is the lightly forested, picturesque island called ” Wizard Island “, with the volcanic opening, the mini-caldera in the center.

Crater Lake in Oregon at the end of winter

Circular walk around the blue jewel – Rim Drive

The Rim Drive is a loop trail that wraps around Crater Lake. The Rim Drive is 53 kilometers long and is also good for cycling. The ride must be done clockwise. The rim drive is a bit demanding; some inclines have to be overcome. The national park administration also offers guided tours. The rangers bring the nature and culture of the region closer to the visitor.

Recreational activities in Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park is well suited for recreational activities. In addition to hiking, cycling, horseback riding, swimming, fishing and boating are very popular. In the winter, Crater Lake National Park is great for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. There are hiking trails around Crater Lake that offer nature lovers and hikers impressive views.

Wild and original – Crater Lake National Park

Hiking through the wilderness

Due to the altitude and the steepness of the terrain, the hikes on the numerous marked hiking trails in the region can be strenuous to very strenuous. One should bear this in mind. Make sure you have enough water and food with you. But please don’t leave any rubbish in nature! On Crater Lake itself, “cruises” are offered across the lake. In addition to the island “Wizard Island”, you also head for the rocks rising out of the lake called ” Phantom Ship “.

Red Marker – Carter Lake National Park in southern Oregon

Camping at Crater Lake

Camping in Crater Lake National Park is very popular in the summer. For camping enthusiasts, there are a number of campsites within the reserve in Crater Lake National Park. There are two campsites on Crater Lake itself, but they are closed during the winter because they are not accessible.

Campgrounds at Crater Lake

  • Mazama Campground
  • Lost Creek Campground

Backcountry camping is permitted in Crater Lake National Park.

Crater Lake National Park - Oregon