Portugal Wins Prize for the Best Piece of Jewellery

Portugal Liliana Warrior won the prize for the best piece of jewellery in Germany. Elements necklace, made from the traditional Portuguese filigree technique, was one of the 33 pre-selected by the jury parts of Inhorgenta Munich, one of the largest jewellery fairs in Europe, and turned out to be a favorite of the international audience, which expressed your opinion through an online poll.

“It’s an honor, not only because it is an important recognition of my work, but above all because it values what the Portuguese jewellery represents today: the Alliance between the inheritance of tradition and the contemporary vision of design. That’s why I share this award with two great masters artisans, William and Joaquim Rodrigues, which produced award-winning piece, “said Liliana Warrior.

The necklace “elements” of the Portuguese jewelry designer distinguishes itself by being a gold cord very fine and delicate. The fact that it is wrapped with skill and technique, as you can see in the above image, conveys the idea of permanent movement.

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This is not the first international prize of the Viennese. There are 10 years won the first International Contest of Filigree and saw your collection already exhibited in the museums MoMa and the Museum of art and Design in New York, in the United States, as well as in prestigious art galleries in countries such as Belgium, Switzerland and Japan.

In the pictures above¬†you can see some of the pieces from the collection of Liliana warrior who, here in Portugal, is on sale in stores Elements in Porto and Lisbon, Serralves Museum in Porto, and the designer’s online store.

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