Practical Tips for Cleaning Bijou and Semi-Jewelry

Then you find that lovely biju or semi-jewel , you always want to wear it, but realize that after a while it was darkened or dirty looking. Who has never been through such a situation? It is common to see this happen and even has happened to me. However, I did not have to put aside my favorite accessories, as I knew very practical tips to clean them. In this post I decided to also share some ways to take care of the pieces so that they last much longer. Check it!

How to care for your jewelry and semi-jewelry

Before you realize that they are darkened or dirty, care makes the pieces last a lot longer. Some actions make all the difference in these hours, like for example:

  • When going to the beach, choose those pieces that do not have many metallic parts. Direct contact with the salty water and saline sand of the beach can oxidize your bijou or semi-jewel and leave it darkened. Bracelets with beads and pendants with wood pendants , for example, is a great and charming option for that moment.
  • In addition to sea water, other types of liquids also detract from the durability and appearance of your jewelry.Avoid, for example, passing perfume in the area where the jewelry will stay; Also take them out when you need to bathe and when you need to handle chemicals.
  • Have a purse or purse – preferably velvet – to store all your bijou and semi-jewels. The friction between them also darkens, scratches and ages your parts more quickly. If you can not place them in separate containers, you can arrange them in drawers or boxes with dividers.
  • Also avoid leaving your stored parts in places with high humidity and very clear. The best environment is that in low light and dry.

If still, taking all the above care your jewelry and semi-jewelry present darkened appearance and stains, you can clean them without any special product.

How to clean your semi-jewels and imitation jewelry

Here’s some homemade and practical “recipes” to clean your semi-jewels and trinkets.


Just with a flannel you can polish your bracelets and anklets , necklaces , earrings , rings and other metallic pieces.It is not necessary to use any product and it is imperative that the flannel is very dry. Just rub for 1 minute or 2 and notice the result.


That’s kind of grandmother’s prescription that always works. The toothpaste besides being effective for your oral health gives shine and removes stains from your jewelry and semi-jewelry. You will need just the same amount of paste you use to brush your teeth, a soft bristle brush or cotton. Apply the paste on one of these two items and use it to polish your jewelry. Then just take the product in warm water and notice the difference. And you can get more from Buywyncote.

Water and soap

You can also make a combination of boiling water with coconut soap and let your jewelry soak for a few minutes.Then just rub with a soft bristle brush and see the changing appearance. Soap powder can also be used, but it does not give so much shine, although it does take away the stains.

Own products for cleaning imitation jewelery

It is also possible to use products to clean costume jewelry and have good results. These are indicated for those people who seek total practicality and do not want to take the risk with the above tips. You can buy a product to clean gold or silver jewelry if you like. They are safe and also help to create a protective layer in your piece. Try it.

Now you do not have to keep jewels in the drawer anymore because they’re not looking like that anymore! What do you think? Do you know another way to clean bijouterie and semi-jewels? Share the tip in the comments!

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