Presentation of Rose Cut, The New Perfume of The Jewelry Elena Carrera

We attend the flagship of the jewelry in Madrid Elena Carrera, eager to check if its perfume is like her jewels: young, elegant and contemporary and Elena C. did not disappoint us.

The young blood of the prestigious firm of Spanish jewelry, Carrera y Carrera has given a twist to the current jewelry, but not happy with it, has decided to launch a perfume in keeping with his philosophy of life Rose Cut.

A female perfume with reminiscence of nature and whose virtue is that it is changing throughout the day. A feeling of freshness you flooded when you miss you but gradually surprised check that the sención of freshness, not only remained, but it was changing throughout the hours.

Citrus fruits as the Tangerine and lemon give you freshness, while the the musk and amber (don’t know if you can happen but the musk always gives me tranquility, relaxation sención) combined with the vanilla give it character and romance.

If that unite floral notes hidden in the heart of the fragrance, as the Black roses and the mimosas We have the essence of Rose Cute. A perfume sophisticated, elegant and with character but very current, as the Elena C jewelry.

Aside told me as Elena had led to Barcelona, cradle of our most exquisite fragrances and had participated actively in perfume manufacturing and of course in your presentation.

Rose Cut is offered in three formats: bottle (elegant, simple lines with distinctive Elena C. hanging as a reminder of the permanent donated to the world of luxury and jewelry square) a roll on tube, for bag (finally someone thinks about those women who love them always wear her perfume and they never find size or format for the bag) and a Candle scented to make your house smell like you, Rose cut.

In short, a delicious morning Mediterranean scents and jewels in the presentation of Rose Cut, the new perfume of jewellery Elena Carrera