Scapulars:a Powerful Jewel

Used as a religious symbol, devotional, protection, or simply to compose the look, the scapular, for centuries, is one of the most powerful accessories considered.Formerly it was used only by religious like Popes, nuns, friars and was a symbol of consecration.The images were made of a brown cloth and the cord was simple, indicating humility and adaptation to any situation.As time passed, it ceased to be the exclusive use of religious, becoming popular among peoples.The popularity of the scapular helped to develop several versions of the accessory, in different materials, colors and sizes.Our preferred version, of course, is the scapular made of noble materials such as those developed by Casa São Paulo.


Despite the Catholic origin of the accessory, the truth is that today, anyone of any gender and religion can use the scapular, adapting the message of the jewel according to the belief of each one.Protestants, for example, as in the case of Baptists, Presbyterians, Anglicans, etc., may use the scapular with a biblical phrase, a Christian symbol like fish, the star of David or some word in Hebrew.They use the scapular as a demonstration of their professed faith, their religious position or constant remembrance of the covenant they made with God on the path they chose to follow.Catholics usually use the scapular with the image of a saint in front or behind, who represent the faith of those who believe in a particular saint.For them, the scapular means salvation, and whoever uses it, must follow religious principles according to the teachings of the church.In addition, it is believed that whoever has a scapular receives physical and spiritual protection.


Some people believe that the scapular should be earned and not purchased for their own use.However, there is nothing that prevents or restricts the obtaining of the accessory for its own use.In the case of giving someone with the accessory, it is very important to seek to know, first of all, what the religious position of the person.


There is no right or wrong occasion to use the scapular, especially when it is a true jewel.The scapulars can be in yellow, white or rosé gold.The São Paulo House always surprises with its steamy and sophisticated creations.The company presented a novelty of great taste: the scapular with a layer of black gold.Check out the image:


Who knows the work of CASA SÃO PAULO knows that receiving a jewel designed by designer Ana Paula Cruz is synonymous with extreme satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Douglas Zilio had his scapular personalized by the company and told him a bit about his experience and the meaning of his jewelry:”I wanted to develop a jewel that had the word SHEKINAH (Presence of God) that has a very important meaning for me and I soon thought of the brilliant work of Ana Paula, for her professionalism, for the quality of materials she uses and for the creative capacity she possesses and that I admire. The scapular was exactly as I imagined, 100% imagined, developed and designed by her upon my desire and she exceeded my expectations. It was such a beautiful piece that many people praised and even my brother already got to ask Ana to develop one for him.”