Semi Jewels: 7 Tips To Match Your Skin

Semi jewels: time to put together a look, every detail is important—and accessories are essential items for any production. In addition to the purse, belt and shoes, the choice of semi jewel or jewelry will make all the difference in the final result. These adornments have unique features that give you a special charm.

But how to make the right choice of these parts? Combine semijoias and jewelry with your skin tone is one of the ways to not to Miss! Here are a few tips that split up for you!

Contrast the tone of your skin with the colors of the pieces and stones

When it comes to semijoias and jewelry, working with a contrast between the colors of the pieces and stones (if applicable) and the tone of your skin is always a good way out—before you choose the part you want to use, the ideal is to decide what you want to highlight on your look.

Semi jewels and costume jewelry for clear skin

Light-skinned people have featured blood vessels. Because of this, working with gold or gold-plated parts is an excellent choice. With respect to the choice of stones, bet in shades of red, dark blue and dark green. Among the possibilities of rocks suggest the Ruby, Sapphire and emerald.

Semi jewels and costume jewelry for brown skin

For those who have the brown skin or Tan in the Sun, the tip is to contrast it with clear parts. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces of silver or white gold plated bring harmony to production. Rocks, like transparent quartz, diamonds, brilliant, and colored purple and yellow, like the Ruby, Topaz, tourmaline and Amethyst, are also harmonics.

Semi jewels and costume jewelry for black skin

If you have dark skin, you can follow the same line of contrast of dark skin, and choose semijoias and jewelry. However, if you want a visual for use at night and bold, colorful pieces, as in shades of Orange and red, made of Ruby, Garnet and imperial Topaz also highlighted in your skin tone

Semi jewels and costume jewelry for yellow skin

In General, people descended from Asians have more yellowish skin tone. And a good way to combine and contrast their semijoias and jewelry with this skin tone is choosing accessories in the colours orange, green and red. And you can get more from

Semi jewels and jewelry perfect for any skin tone

Just like in the clothes there are models that are considered Jokers in semijoias and costume jewelry pearls are the best example of this. They look good on any skin tone and can give you a chic, sophisticated and elegant air. Just choose the accessory that will combine with your look—a Pearl Earring, a necklace or Choker style that long of 2 laps. Not to mention the touch of romanticism that the rings and Pearl bracelets can give your style!

Another important point is to choose the color of the earring according to your hair tone—preferably for those who pop into your hair, otherwise, the earring is an accessory without the slightest notability.

Regardless of your skin color, it’s time to decide which accessories will compose your production is to remember to choose pieces that don’t overload the visual and not fight with the other accessories you are using. Consequently, you’ll be safer and more confident.

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