Geography of Coos County, New Hampshire

Coos County, located in the northernmost part of New Hampshire, is a region of rugged mountains, dense forests, and pristine waterways. From its majestic peaks to its tranquil lakes and rivers, Coos County offers a diverse array of geographical features and natural beauty that define its environment and shape its identity. Geography: According to Clothesbliss, Coos County spans approximately 1,801 square miles (4,662 square kilometers) in northern New Hampshire, making…

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Climate of Salem, New Hampshire

Salem, New Hampshire

Salem, New Hampshire, is a town located in Rockingham County in the southeastern part of the state. Known for its historic sites, natural beauty, and proximity to the Massachusetts border, Salem offers residents a mix of suburban living and rural landscapes. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the weather and climate of Salem, it’s essential to explore its seasonal variations, precipitation patterns, temperature ranges, and the influence of its geographical…

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