The Jeweler of The Maximum Queen of Holland to Study Courtesy of Jewelry Expert Angels Moya

Since Maxima Zorreguieta became the Queen of Holland, and inherited the jeweller’s mother-in-law, a day Yes and another also began to star in the covers of coated paper magazines sporting, naturally, parures and dressings to each one more spectacular.

Stunning jewelry, some with centuries of history, which probably inspired others exhibiting the great divas of the golden age of cinema in the great festivals which used to follow at the premieres of his films.

After the good taste that left us the Masterclass, between seams, the outfits of Maxima of Holland courtesy of the designer Armiche Rodriguez (co-founder of the Nihil Obstat signature), I thought it would be great to count in collaboration with someone who knew of jewels, much as Armiche Rodriguez knows fashion.

And, suddenly, lit me a red light, and the name of Angeles Moya came me to mind, because who better to talk about jewelry that who dealt with the mighty De Beers group communication for many years. So, I called her on the phone. Angeles immediately accepted making a play on words that is so much fun that I will serve for titling his statements: “maximum, but never excessive, because… in that lies the secret of its charm!”.

Interview Angeles Moya, an expert in jewelry

Angels, would you dare to define maximum?

Maxim estilazo, maximum sympathy, maximum jewel. Definitely the “minimal” has no place in your life. It is an icon of our time who enjoys fashion, with the traditional and the latest, is a vivid beauty with beautiful imperfections.
Maximum Orange Nassau has given new life to the jewels of the House, some had been stored for years, but the maximum Queen has managed to get the better of them. It is as if to feel complicit in this simpatiquisima woman’s smile franca, close to laughter, which accompany enchanted from the loveliest salons to any street in the world.

How many women have tried to know them look equally well?

Only some women, very few are able to achieve this, and Maxim is one of them. Looks that small has played much princesses! Laughter.
He wears them with an unusual naturalness it closer, it improves them, gives them a splendor than any other Queen, Princess or English lady (the best looking jewelry) has managed to give these pieces of Museum.

What do you think is your favorite jewel?

One of her favorite gems is the Bandeau headband, with 27 on Platinum rose cut diamonds. A minimal design and maximum value piece. The jewel was created from a Dutch wedding gift necklace to his Queen Emma in 1879 with enormous 34 rose-cut diamonds. Subsequently he became over Platinum tiara to Queen Wilhelmina.

What do you think that it is your secret to wear them as well?

Then something so obvious how to change and adapt the hairstyle to tiara that will look. Now that we do not hear anyone will tell you that Queens tend to always carry your hairstyle, matching what is put, and that is a big mistake.
But not only Orange Nassau looks good super tiaras and historic jewels of the House. You love jewellery in general, and also the jewellery, which I must say it! Tiffany’s, Celedonio Lohidoy and Rodrigo OtazĂș are some of the designers and brands that you like, and that combines with the most classic.
I love when you put the jewelry with gems in pastel as the aquamarine, citrine, kunzitas, and even pearls, which it does not have that effect sometimes “ageing”, no, she give you still more light.

You’re right, I remember I set in a precious Pearl brooch.

And probably also you fijarĂ­as in a 17TH-century diamond tiara forming flowers of lys and seven stunning pearls of PEAR natural and removable, on Platinum. Grey pearls also are favorite, mixing old snaps as snap branch of Pearl Grey with a loop of diamond and a large Pearl PEAR.

Tell us about other parts that have struck you.

Maximum she loves the citrine, and has acquired several jewelry set with these gemmas – although sometimes visit the jeweler of the Queen Betariz, dusting some oldest part-, as the oval with three briolettes, which combines skilfully with the most modern as great bracelet citrine of various shades and diamond gift of her splendid husband.
Another brooch that caught attention was brooch Edwardian, with large aquamarine pear shaped, which can be used as pendant; and she combined with also removable, long with large aquamarine earrings, and other more contemporary jewelry as the crimped hair Butterfly shaped ornament with opal and diamonds.

Are there any that you like you particularly?

Laughter. There is a snap – a gem of a pink to violet hue – kunzitas, of the most flattering, formed by a rectangular gem, and surrounded by diamond PEAR pendant size marquise, which can be converted into a necklace, and that makes game with a ring of PEAR size and long earrings, which is quite spectacular.
Max wore this set the day of the abdication of Queen Beatrix. Sometimes also combines it with two rigid bracelet small flowers of white and Pink diamonds of your property.

Would you like to add something more?

There is so much to say Maxim Queen! What no doubt is that between his personal jewellery, which gives her husband, and that asks lent to Queen Beatrix, there are no who resists his charm.