The Largest Diamond in the World – Gems of Superlatives

The thought of sparkling gems hidden in the Earth drives to mankind for centuries. Treasure hunters and miners from all over the world into its time looking in the course, to make animated by hope, the big Fund. And indeed stones special dimensions were discovered again and again. The Jeweller provides you with the largest still found diamonds, sapphires and rubies, their stories and, if known, to their owners.

The Largest Diamond in the World - Gems of Superlatives

Famous Diamonds: Cullinan to Mughal Emperor

You are not only “a girl’s best friend”, but also the core of many stories and myths. Diamonds and their stories, especially those of large, were the inspiration for a variety of books and films over the years. The hardest of minerals particularly touched people.

It’s no wonder that diamonds are still the favorite semi-precious stones for engagement rings. You never go out of style, because diamonds lend something of elegance and high quality of each piece of jewelry.

Learn how diamonds are and their value is determined, in the The Jeweller, diamond buying guide. Here we you the most famous and largest its kind before:

Seat 1: the Cullinan Diamond

3106,7 carats, the Cullinan stone is the largest rough diamond of the world found until today. He was named after the owner of the mine, from which it was recovered: Thomas Cullinan. Meanwhile, the 1905 found Diamond in incredible 105 pieces was split and ground.

Some went to the British Royal family. Queen Elizabeth has such as a brooch, which is decorated with a part of the Cullinan.

2nd place: Lesedi la Rona

Previously known under the name Karowe AK 6 (after mine and tunnel, where it was found), Lesedi la Rona, is the second-largest rough diamond in the world since its discovery in Botswana on 16 November 2015. The name was given the heavy 1111 Carat diamonds in the context of a public competition and translated means “Our light”.

He embodies the pride and the hope of Botswana. The diamonds in London Sotheby’s auctioned in June 2016. It anticipates a record price of $ 70 million.

Seat 3: the Excelsior diamond

As the Excelsior diamond 1893 discovered in South Africa, he was 995,2 carats to largest rough diamond of the world. Good 130 years later he is still proud third place.

A miner was the Excelsior in the Jagersfontein mine in Africa. The workers kept secret before his supervisor the diamonds and delivered it directly with the mines Manager. For his superior rewarded him with £500 and a horse.

Course 4: The star of Sierra Leone

The 968,9 karat-heavy, colorless star of Sierra Leone was found in 1972 in the Dominica mine in Sierra Leone. Out of it, 17 items were made and sanded into shape. 13 of the diamond of part of was awarded the predicate “flawless”, so perfect.

Another special feature is the chemical purity of the stone. He is considered the type IIa diamond. This grade is given less than one percent of all diamonds. The largest part of diamond of Star originally had a size of 143.2 carats, was however penetrated by small margin. To eliminate this, he was again ground and reduced to a final size of 53,96 carats.

5th place: The incomparable

His name reveals quite a bit about the diamonds, according to BEST-MEDICAL-SCHOOLS. He should be “Incomparable”. Compared to the other great gems, he really has some special features.

These start at coloring, because he is not white or blue, but brownish. “Fancy brownish yellow” is the exact name of the gemstone. In the 1980s, he was accidentally discovered by a gambling girl in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

14 small and a large diamond with a range of colors, ranging from white to dark brown emerged from the rough diamonds with a size of 890 carats. The largest stone has 407,88 carats and is one of the largest cut, colored diamonds in the world.

Seat 6: The Mughal Empire

In 1650, the sixth biggest diamond in the world in the Kollur mine in India was found. There is disagreement over the size of the rough diamond. The weights range from 793 to 817 carats. The Mughal Empire was named after the Builder of the Taj Mahal and Indian Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Since the conquest of Delhi in 1739 by the Persian Shah of the stone is considered disappeared.

At A Glance: The Largest and Most Famous Diamonds in the World