Valentine’s Day – Capriche in the Present

There are many ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day, but none is as poetic and romantic as gifting your loved one with a beautiful jewel.On this Valentine’s Day, capriche in the present.The right gift can work miracles, rip off smiles and even tears of joy.Check out the highlights of Valentine’s Day from Casa São Paulo:

For the determined, who know that they have found the love of their life, how about giving your loved one a beautiful FIT alliance? The jewelry follows the minimalist concept, without many details, which is ideal for all tastes. You can choose the Gold Rosé version for more romantic and delicate couples, or in Yellow Gold or White for the more traditional. The Fit alliance features the 2mm, 4mm and 6mm versions. Choose your favorite and surprise your love! And you can get more from

The Solitaire Princess is a much desired jewel among women.A ring full of charm made especially for those who taste more refined.With a central diamond of 25 points (0.25 carats) and diamonds studded on the side of the ring, the Princess Solitaire shines a unique shine and reflects the woman’s delicacy and femininity.A jewel that conveys passion and romanticism to make Valentine’s Day so much more special for your love.

For those who wish for an infallible gift that demonstrates the importance that person possesses in their life, the Lone Ring Cake is undoubtedly the ideal Valentine’s gift. With classic design, this jewel is synonymous with eternal love. A loner will always win the heart of a woman who wants a romance for life. On the website of Casa São Paulo , you will find the Cake Solitaire in its version in White Gold, Rosé Gold, Yellow Gold and with a diversification of precious gems that represent a unique and genuine declaration of love.
The Lolla Lone Ring is a romantic jewel, the ideal ring for a wedding request on Valentine’s Day. The jewel has a desired 30-point diamond and has a bold design, capable of expressing the couple’s eternal love. This jewel is available in the versions in White Gold, Rosé Gold, Yellow Gold or White Gold with detail in Yellow Gold. The engagement ring is a tradition and an eternal gift that officializes the love of a couple.

The Tokyo alliance, which has as its main reference in its design straight and extreme lines, represents the single path, goals and dreams in common of a couple, who wish to follow the journey of life together. This beautiful jewel is ideal for gifting on Valentine’s Day and demonstrating the desire for a lifetime of two. The 1-point diamond in the female alliance represents the femininity and beauty of the couple’s love. With a charming design, the jewelry is polished and courtesy of Casa São Paulo , a ruby ​​set inside that symbolizes eternal love.

Do not waste your time. Love is urgent! Show your love, caprice in the gift on this Valentine’s Day.