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Watch Anish – Uhrenblogger-Superstar! But who’s behind it? Anish Bhatt, a man who knows who he is and what he is. Every man with confidence, knowing exactly what style and art for him personally, will be always a man, you can not see in a room full of people. Exactly this man is Anish Bhatt (34), he has charisma and exudes pride and self-confidence. He worked many years as a brand consultant in the fashion industry until he decided to pursue a different path: the Foundation of watch Anish in 2012, he read his fashion marketing career behind him, to fulfill a personal dream.

The Blog

Bloggers open up new worlds and tell their personal experiences. Watch Anish is a blog about luxury and exclusive lifestyle and in London . The focus article on high end are wristwatches as well as smartwatches from TUCSONSMARTWATCHES.COM. This photo shoots take place, reflecting Anish when personal taste.

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His vision here is to capture not only the product, but to arrange a whole scene that reflects the overall impression of the special and all associated feelings: an extravagant lifestyle, the best of the best combined with exclusive luxury goods. With now 1.6 million followers on Instagram , he created a strong growing community, as well as a new method to share the latest luxury watch models. According to Forbes magazine, it is the world as most influential watches blogger!

Here to see the Instagram- and Facebookprofil by watch Anish!

Always One Step Ahead

Anish Bhatt has a high impact on the buying habits of all watches lovers. He decides on the success of tomorrow’s trends and can be used for new brands or models of victory or defeat mean. Money and sponsorship is secondary for him, because he’s trying his contributions to keep as objective and relevant as possible. Authenticity helped him to success, its credibility alone makes him popular, this he relies on his intuition. Highest quality and full identification with the product stands at the highest point for him.

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True to succeeded Anish Bhatt the motto “Picture is worth a thousand words” to establish his own pictorial language. He can be part of the world on the latest trends and can it even earlier than the usual magazines.

Watch Anish Cooperation with Twelve Thirteen

It is all the more important that a such an influential blogger has chosen no lower company as Twelve Thirteen Jewelry for his first official partnership. It looks not only as an ordinary customers watch Anish XII/XIII, but aims at a long-term cooperation with the Berlin-based jewellery label. The team behind twelve thirteen felt very honored specifically for watch Anish, to design a refined and luxurious collection. This consists of exclusive leather and gemstone bracelets, that wonderful access to the watch-Anish logo and the high-profile lifestyle behind. Available soon: You must be curious and look forward to this stunning collection, here catch a first glimpse of some gems!

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On the SSIH in Geneva , Anish Bhatt presents his twelve thirteen watch Anish next to the most exclusive and most expensive watches in the world proudly bracelet.