What is Strass? – Differences Between Rhinestones and Diamonds

Strass is a gem that imitates the diamond.It is made of glass and owes its name to the French jeweler Joseph Strasser, who is the inventor of the rhinestones.In the 18th century, under the rule of Louis XIV., The precious stones were very much sought after by the court. From 1730 Strasser dealt with the production of diamond imitations.This was so successful for the Alsatian jeweler that Louis XIV appointed him a royal jeweler in 1734.

Since that time, strass stones – the DIGOPAUL.COM translation of the pierres de strass – have been used as a synonym for diamond imitations in the language usage. The differences between rhinestones and diamonds do not only consist in the imitation of human hands and the gemstone in nature.While diamonds are made of pure carbon, strass is made of glass and therefore has quartz sand as starting material.Even the hardness of rhinestones, which only reaches the value of five on the Mohs scale, can not reach the diamond with its mohs hardness of ten by far.

Rhinestones – glued or edged

Rhinestones are not only available in different sizes and colors, but they are also available in different finishes.Stones with a flat back are good for sticking on or iron on.They are called flat-back stones.Almost all everyday objects can be adorned with diamond imitations for gluing.They can be found on cell phone bags, spectacle cases and wallet as well as on notebooks, walltattoos or even on pimped car parts.The rhinestones with the flat back are either available as a hotfix for ironing or can be applied with a special adhesive.Holes have one or two drill holes so they can be sewn onto clothing or fashion accessories.Pointed-backstones are mainly used for fashion jewelry.They are pointed at the back and are inserted into frames.Whether rings, earrings or bracelets, the glittering stones enhance every piece of jewelry.

Jewelry with Rhinestones

Rhinestone from different manufacturers

Anyone who wants to work with the bright jewelery stones should pay particular attention to quality when purchasing. Austrian and Polish manufacturers deliver excellent imitations that leave neither the finishing touches nor the production tolerances. All strass stones of a size have the same height and the same diameter on average. Air inclusions occur only in the rarest cases, which is a very important factor in the production of the stones. However, in the case of rhinestones made in Asia, production quotas are often more likely to fall. Damaged stones also come into circulation and the poorer quality is often also noticeable in a lack of shine.
While the B-ware from Asia is most suitable for crafting or decorating purposes, the Polish and Austrian diamond imitations can be used to produce beautiful pieces of jewelery.

Jewelery and watches imitated with diamonds

At the Tolle-Uhren.de shop you can get a picture of the diversity of watches and jewelery which are similar to diamond-like jewelery . Pendants and earrings from the house Replay shine in the splendor of numerous rhinestones, which adorn the extraordinary jewelery. With the EDC DISCO GLAM LUST the company Esprit has designed a chic and at the same time rebellious women’s wristwatch. The attractive watch not only focuses on poppy colors, but also attracts attention with its strass-studded bezel.
The company Bering also makes elegance in the manufacture of women’s watches.A particularly beautiful example is the Bering Classic 11927-000 ladies watch with milanaise band.A white dial, silver hands and the indices, which are decorated with Austrian rhinestones of first-class quality, yield a watch which can be worn not only as a timepiece, but also as an ornament.

If you like the Glitzsteine ​​charm too, please click through the jewelry and watch world at Tolle-Uhren.de.Whether with or without diamond imitations, you will be impressed by the diversity that is offered to you.