Where to Buy Anklet

The anklet is a highly fashionable accessory, both among the young than among older women. In the beginning, the function of this ornament was to produce a pleasant sound during the movements of the dancers who wore. We discover now something more about this fascinating gem.

The origin

The anklet is a very popular today among women from different parts of the world. It is made with a wide variety of materials, from gold to silver, more or less valuable metals can be enriched with precious stones and worked in different styles.

The origin of the name, as its name suggests, is inspired by the area of the body where anciently the Eastern belly dance dancers wore the ornament: the ankle. The origin of the anklet would seem to be born in the Middle East, where the dancers of the place wore this gem to produce the characteristic sound during their dances.

This was made possible thanks to the fact that the anklet was equipped with small rattles that with the movement of the dance was producing a pleasant tinkling. In ancient times, almost all the jewelry needed to assert a cultural, religious or symbolic meaning in mind.

The type of work, the colors used were, therefore, represent membership in a particular tribe or adherence to a particular social role. Today more than ever before, the anklet has managed to spread among many women, even in a completely independent of the world of dance and cultural meanings.

The predominant function is to make more fascinating the ankles, to give an extra touch of sensuality and femininity to women who wear it. The aesthetic value of this ornament in some circumstances has spread among men, who can wear anklets are very colorful and showy, especially during the summer season, when it is more easily with your feet and legs uncovered.

Purely aesthetic function, over the years, it has gone alongside that of status symbols: If you wear the brace on the left the woman is involved romantically, while the wearer on the right ankle indicates sexual conduct open and free from constraints.

Wear the anklet

But who wears now the anklet? What is the meaning we attach to the sight of an anklet? If we consider the point in time where this ornament goes worn, its wearer tends to have an ankle slim and sleek, designed to showcase this area of the body.

In fact, this is not always the case: in recent years the spread of this trinket has been so massive that today is worn by all women, more or less thin and wispy.

The summer seems to be the season in which the use of the brace is predominant: this is because thanks to the low-cut clothing is more sunny days and less restrictive, the feet are not covered by socks or boots, but wear sandals and flip flops in which the foot is put absolutely featured.

We see it all the time at the beach: costumed women often avoid to wear necklaces or earrings to go to sea, but the support is always there, giving a hint of extra flavor to our summer look. The combination of summer and anklet is always valid.

Even those who have never worn the accessory, choose to do it right in the summer. The aesthetic value given to the use of the brace is always on top, although the most attentive to fashions and trends knows that behind the choice to wear the anklet is a real meaning.

Be careful, then, because if you are dating or still engaged, popular culture wants you have to wear this gem solely on his left ankle. Conversely, if you are free of sentimental constraints or engaged but also open to new adventures, you can wear your ankles right.

Of course, each of us can be free to follow or not these traditions and demonstrate with facts and regardless of which side we wear a jewel, what is their own behavior.

Types of anklets

With the spreading among women around the world using the ankle it is no wonder the very wide range of materials and models that made these jewels. The most common and precious are those made of gold, silver, or white or yellow.

Often are enriched and embellished with precious materials, there are embedded gems, semiprecious stones, pearls, which make the anklet different and unique from all the others. Another peculiarity in the realization of the brace is the use of colors: being an accessory distinctly summery colors are a real “must”: turquoise, bronze, yellow, green, purple, are only some of the colors used for the anklets.

Who wants to dare and to unleash their imagination, can be found on the market, with pendants, anklets with the initials of his name, with tribal marks, with hearts, with well crafted which give this gem a touch of joy and creativity.

For those who love the simplicity and linearity, there are many simple models less showy, consisting of a simple thin wire that surrounds the woman ankle and avoid giving too much in my eye, but without renouncing to a touch of elegance for any occasion, from the beach to a more refined and sober evening.

The anklet, so in addition to being a mere ornament, says something some of us: simple and refined women prefer linear and essential, as most elegant anklets and ends, while women more lively, upbeat and quirky love to indulge in your choice of finishes, colours and perhaps prefer to adapt an anklet is different depending on the occasion.

In short, the choice and variety lacks certain: everyone can wear the anklet and find one that fits your style and your personality.

Ankle boots

Anyone who thinks that the anklet can be worn only during the summer season will have to think again, paying attention to the latest fashions. We make a small premise.

Among women who use and love the ankle bracelet there is a clear distinction between those who consider it an accessory only in summer and among those fans brace that wear throughout the year.

For the latter the coming of winter does not affects the choice of bringing This gem even under clothes. If some women feel that the anklet under a pantyhose or stocking is a misplaced, others believe that a thin thread and bright under the pantyhose gives a touch of sensuality.

In fact, fashion has to embellish our ankles even during the colder seasons and even when seeing a bare ankle would seem to be impossible. For the groupies from anklets, in the last few years the fashion world seems to have launched an accessory designed to have success among girls: the anklet for boots!

Let’s figure out what this particular and still not widespread adornment. In winter, you know, the use of the boots is absolutely indispensable: today go far out of fashion, there are all sorts of more or less adherent to the leg, with heels or platform, ground level.

Leather, suede or fabric, the boot is a major component of women’s clothing; not only in winter but also in summer (summer and breathable boots exist specifically for the warmer seasons). There are specific anklets be applied directly over the boot.

They are usually quite simple and basic, consist of one or two thin strands of rhinestones and must be applied over the boot at the ankle. The glow effect appears to be insured: on one boot black maybe for an evening chic, the anklet for boots will make your art look!

Where to buy

If the variety of anklets is huge, so is the range of places where you can find the right anklet for any occasion. If what we are looking for is a precious jewel sumptuous material, you can find wonderful anklet directly into jewelry.

Depending on the material and workmanship that is accomplished, the gem may be more or less affordable prices. As well as a gold ring or a bracelet, the world is full of beads, stones and decorations that give the jewels the exclusivity and perfection beloved by women.

The attention to detail and preference of materials like gold can ensure yes buy an anklet unique, but certainly at a considerable price. The rule is always the same: the more we are willing to spend more on gold market can offer us in terms of quality and exclusivity of a product.

But the anklet comes as an accessory for everyone. For this reason, most women find beautiful anklets at prices affordable for everyone, maybe giving up to metals and precious stones, but certainly not giving up taste and elegance.

The same jewellers have departments dedicated to silver or cheaper materials but still beautiful with which can be realized the anklets. For this kind of product, we can find very affordable prices ranging from 10-15 euros to get 40 euros of anklets richest in elements.

Finally, there is another possibility is widespread among women, particularly among the younger. How many times have you purchased purely summer ornaments directly on your shores? Sellers of jewelry, beach hats, or sarong, are always with truly special anklets. The choice is not missing at all, anywhere there’s an anklet catered for us!


Companies that produce anklets are usually the same ones that create necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings and earrings. Many companies have their own website where it’s easy to see the different types of jewelry and anklets that best meet our needs.

The best known jewelry brands offer high quality materials, such as stainless steel and silver, often embellished with small diamonds and pearls. Among the known brands that manufacture jewelry we find Bliss, Morellato, Guess, Breil, etc. ..

These brands are present in all Jewelries of any city and offer high quality products at average prices. There are also a number of stores, they are often real franchise, specialize in trinkets.

Here it is easy to find the range and choice more accurate anklets, from the simplest to the most extravagant and flashy and regular. Among these stores, let us quote for example, Penelope, Accessorize, cliché. Here there is no shortage of ideas and colors and you can find pretty much everything.

The prices are very reasonable, we start by three euros to get a maximum spend no more than 20 euros. Those who love change often ornaments and maybe combine style and colors of your ankle, can find in these stores everything related to the world of accessories.

You can combine a bracelet to your ankle bracelet, anklet, and necklace and buy hair clips with the same pattern and find the object for each occasion.

The only trick to watch out for is the resistance of the material: If you plan to buy a monitor to keep at the beach and with which you can swim in the water, be careful to choose materials that do not oxidize easily and that resist the action of salt. For everything else, be creative and make room for your imagination!


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