XXL Jewelery Decorates the Neckline This Winter

They are absolutely in the trend and fall immediately into the eye:XXL chains are this winter as hip as not long.The bigger the better.In this case, it is meant to be broadly extended, in that the chain should be infinitely long.Many are close to the neck and are ideal when a piece of clothing with an exciting neckline is used.No wonder, then, that stars and starlets from the dream color of Hollywoods equal times on the train rise and become such XXL-jewelry.In addition to the actress Nicole Kidman, singer-songwriters like Katy Perry also put on the big chains.Of course it must be glittering and glittering with these familiar faces, but not all chains need Glitzersteinchen and Co. The trend, however, leaves any variation.There is the XXL jewelery with pearls or even with slices of wood, which corresponds to the ever-present ethno-look.Here you can choose between natural wood tones and colorful flower power.Colorful beads in all combinations remind strongly to the 60s and 70s of the last century.

Of course it is also much more filigree, even with the long and wide chains.Pearls are not only found there, but also in noble chains with much more elegance.Whether monochrome or in several colors, beads of all sizes and shapes are just right for such a kind of jewelry.Pieces with chains in the chain have been completely lost.In addition, the vintage look has also found an empowerment for the XXL chains.With floral ornamentation and pearls the shining jewelery can spice up the old-fashioned look.Flowers are used many times to bring the big chains to volume.

To the XXL chains let bracelets combine well with charms.

If it is a bracelet, this may also have a large volume.Jewelry from Kranz & Ziegler offers matching story bracelets like the Flora Charm Set .This bracelet is a good choice because of its wrapped form with snakeskin and the combination of flowers and glittering stones for everyday life as well as for festive occasions.This is exactly what makes the Danish jewelry: it is not only good on the red carpet, but also on the job or at a nice meeting with friends.The fashion goes through all age classes, so you will always meet the bracelets, the campaign bands and sets by Kranz & Ziegler.And at the next party, the large-format jewelery makes their wearer definitely a real eye-catcher.Who can already look at such chains, bracelets and charms?However, less is more.Therefore, an XXL chain should not be worn with large earrings.A too extravagant and sweeping hairstyle would not be a good choice to the large format chains.

Big rings in XXL format are already a bit longer “in”.

Again, stars played a not insignificant role in the spread of this trend. Singer Keri Hilson, for example, wore one of the big-sized rings on the finger in the video of her hit “I like”. Earlier, jewelry had to fall as discreetly as possible, narrow rings, filigree designs were announced. Now exactly the opposite is the case. There are models that are equipped with very large plates. Two rings are partly attached to fit the size, one at the top and one at the bottom of the ring. Rings, as well as Replay jewelry , with different limbs throw even more size into the weighing pan. The freedom to move is not quite as big as with the smaller models, but what does not everything look good? Whether you wear the big jewelery now on the neck, on the arm or on the finger, this is ultimately taste. The fact is that the right piece can be found for every outfit, even for a small price. XXL jewelry is the trend of this winter!