Zultanita: A Stone Of Creativity and Charism

Hello everyone! We have not talked about precious stones for a long time. I visited Turkey this fall and have been to many different shops, including jewelers, where I found the stone known as Zultanita.

Zultanita A Stone Of Creativity and Charism

What surprised me most about this stone isthe intensity of its colors. I had never seen a stone with so many colors at one time.

So today, I would like to tell you about one of the rarest, beautiful and best quality stones: Zultanite.

The zultanite is a wonderful chameleon-like stone. Its color depends on the lighting.It is extracted in Turkey, and in limited quantities. The Turks say it is unique and attribute its beauty to the deposits they drive. In fact, “Zultanita” is the name of one of the mineral species that are scattered throughout the world that are studied in all variations of its composition and are often produced along with the minerals of the stone.

La Zultanita has a great history.

“East is the East, and the West is the West, so neither must meet” is Rudyard Kipling’s famous lament about the understanding that separated the British from their colonial subjects in the Indian subcontinent, where cultures had mingled during Long time in the richest crossroads of the planet.

The birthplace of the main civilizations, including the Byzantine and Ottoman empires , made Turkey not a country associated with precious stones.

In tribute to the history of its country, zultanita was named thus in honor to the 36 sultans that governed the Ottoman Empire. Anatolia, which literally means “dawn” in ancient Greek, is blessed with majestic landscapes that perfectly complement this extraordinary gemstone.

Named officially in 2005, mined in 2006, and registered in 2008, La zultanita has reached a more advanced level. Its unique and remote mine is 4,000 feet above sea level.

The zultanite is a precious stone very rare and beautiful, 100% natural, without highlights. It is a kiwi green stone that changes to a pink champagne when it has low light sources and different angles. It has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

The excellent ability to change color, gives a mysterious charm. Such properties have also been seen in amethyst and alexandrite, but the zultanite has a wide variety of colors. In the dim light or a cloudy day is green. When the light is brighter it has brown and yellow tones. The color of the stone depends not only on the light but also on the additives in it. It can be yellow, green, raspberry, khaki, pink, brown and purple. Its colors look good on gold or silver jewelry.

In the following video, you can see the process of creating this impressive jewelry:

With the right cut you can achieve a dazzling play of light. This production has suffered heavy losses in stone processing. This is due to the greater fragility of the stone, so that the correct facet can only be done by experts recognized in their field.The term “diaspore” given to stone was introduced by the Frenchman René Just Hauy in 1801 . Earlier people called it “glandular kyanite” because of the chemical composition of the stone: aluminum oxide with a water content.

This stone was mentioned by the ancient oriental sages. The sultans wore rings with this rare stone presenting it to their wives and concubines.

Zultanite deposits:

There have been deposits in the Ural mountains in the South. This stone can also be found in Sakha-Yakutia. There are even places in the United States. Although this stone is only produced in Turkey in the area of ​​Lake Bafa. As a result of these findings, the zultanite has become a famous stone.

The stones that are obtained are usually up to 25 carats. Mineral mining is limited and no one knows when the deposit will be exhausted. Therefore, that is why buying this stone can be seen as a good investment.

Physical properties of the stone:

The zultanite is a stone of high purity. Even with a ten-fold increase it looks clean and without impurities. The coating depends on the additives. The iron gives yellow and brown tones and the oxide of manganese gives tones pink and red. Women have always loved this stone. A woman with zultanite jewelry looks very beautiful and attractive, in this case, the stone is in our favor. That yes, it is necessary to take into account the lighting for this extraordinary stone. It is believed that silver is more energetic and pure than other metals.

The jewelry with silver edges, is very powerful as talisman for the magic rituals. The zultanite becomes stable and being close to the silver gives a positive effect on its owner. The shine of the silver looks good with any tone of the zultanite. In the nineteenth century collectors had some pieces with zultanite and were very proud of such acquisitions.

By the way, the low grades of the metal can cause the stone to lose its brightness, color depth and transparency. Miracles happen if you change the frame, so your color can come back.

This video shows how to make a snowflake by cutting the zultanita:

Magical properties of stone:

The mineral helps creative people, like poets, artists, musicians and actors, giving them inspiration. A man who possesses this stone, will obtain a philosophical mood, so that he can solve his problems in a special way. The zultanita helps to be persistent, to not leave the business and to go ahead. It helps with mental activity, enhances the imagination and daydreaming. It protects you against bad people and their negative impact. It is also very popular among fortunetellers, looking at the cracks of the stone, can interpret the future. The stone is not healing, but has a property to prevent the impending misfortune.

Impact on astrology:

To fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), helps them find different talents and develop them, instilling balance and improving their intuition. And the Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo) make them more practical and at the same time dreamers and romantics. The zultanite somehow fixes her emotional limitations having a positive impact on the world of sensations. Each gemstone has its character, power and destiny. The zultanite works at its owner, and the larger it is, the stronger the effect.

How to distinguish counterfeiting from a natural stone:

As the zultanite is a rare and expensive stone, a lot of women would like to own it.But not everyone can afford it. People learned to synthesize the stone. The properties of the hydrothermal zultanite are not inferior to the natural ones. It is a stone made with the active participation of man, but it is indistinguishable from the natural.Artificial stone is much easier to sell. This can be determined reasonably priced and the inscriptions on the label. The natural zultanite is much more expensive than the diamonds, but the hydrothermal price can be compared with those of topaz and hydrothermal garnet.

I hope my post has been interesting and quite informative for you. To conclude I would like to mention sites such as Ebay and Etsy , where you can buy this beautifulstone.