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Unflappable calm and silence reign in La Condamine – the oldest district of Monaco. An ignorant person cannot even imagine that this city with a population of about four thousand people is the center of business and maritime life of the principality. The main enterprises and trade institutions of the country are located on the territory of the city. Without a doubt, all major transactions and trades are made here.

The inhabitants of Monaco are literally reclaiming territory from the Mediterranean Sea. And, I must admit, they do it very well. From year to year the area of ​​the city increases due to artificial embankments. New houses and institutions are being built on the new land. And the circulation of money in Monaco begins again.

Beaches in La Condamine

According to, Monaco is unimaginable without beaches. And Condamine is no exception. Well-groomed coastline, clean sand and clear water – what else do you need for a relaxing holiday? Unless you just go on a catamaran to surf the coastal waters or rent a snow-white yacht and go to the open sea.

Infrastructure of La Condamine

Restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs in the city are just a sea. On average, lunch costs 20-30 euros – relatively inexpensive for Europe.

Where the tourist will spend the night depends on the size of his wallet. You can stay in expensive hotels with luxurious apartments, as well as in modest apartments rented for the holidays. In addition, the city has campsites and hostels.

Attractions and attractions of La Condamine

Despite the fact that there are no notorious traffic jams in La Condamine, the transport component here is simply wonderful – tourists, and the locals themselves, prefer to walk. And why get into a car if the length of the city is quite small? After all, it is much more interesting to see the sights on your own than sitting in a car, albeit in the most luxurious one. So there is an opportunity to stop and take pictures.

Monaco is unimaginable without beaches. And Condamine is no exception. Well-groomed coastline, clean sand and clear water – what else do you need for a relaxing holiday?

La Condamine is a coastal city washed by the gentle Mediterranean Sea. The huge harbor called Hercules is one of the area’s main attractions. Today, luxury yachts owned by the powerful of this world are moored in it: royalty, show business stars, big businessmen and other lucky ones.

Another beautiful place in the resort city is Princess Caroline Street. This area is exclusively for pedestrians. During the day, people walking here are surrounded by the greenery of orange trees with ripening “saffron mushrooms”, in the evening and at night, lanterns and small light bulbs are turned on, and the street is transformed beyond recognition.

Melodious music coming from nearby cafes and restaurants further enhances the pleasant impression.


The oldest city of Monaco-Ville is mistakenly called the capital of the principality. In fact, Monaco does not have a capital. There are only 10 districts – small particles of a tiny principality. The city was built on a 60-meter rocky Cape Saint-Antoine, due to which it looks like a real stronghold of its state.

Literally the entire Monaco-Ville consists of picturesque footpaths leading to the Palace Square. So no matter what road you step on here, it will definitely lead you to the main square, where the guard changes every day at exactly 11.55.

12 soldiers, all as if by choice, like twin brothers, are on guard in front of the Prince’s Palace.

Entertainment and attractions of Monaco-Ville

Of course, the most important attraction of the area is the Prince’s Palace. Today it is the official residence of the ruling princely Grimaldi family. The Palace also reveals some veils of mystery to tourists: the unique Hercule Gallery, a luxurious double staircase made of Carrara marble, the Throne Room with a majestic white fireplace.

In the right wing of the palace is the Museum of Napoleonic Memories with personal items of Napoleon Bonaparte. A historical archive is also arranged here, in which all documents related to the history of Monaco are carefully stored.

The gardens of Saint-Martin are another treasure of the Principality. They were laid almost 200 years ago, and they still captivate with their splendor and fragrance of flowers. Not far from the garden is the Oceanographic Museum – whoever cares about the inhabitants of the ocean depths can go down to the ground floor and see with their own eyes a huge aquarium with thousands of exotic organisms. Guess who was the director of this wonderful museum for a long time? Well, of course, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Many inhabitants of the aquarium were caught by him during his marine research.

Attention, after 22.00 in Monaco-Ville it is forbidden to drive cars and gasoline motorcycles.

Entertainment and recreation in Monaco-Ville

300 days a year the Principality is illuminated by the sun. Therefore, ideal conditions have been created here for water sports: water skiing and motorcycle riding, sailing boats and water parachuting.

There are a lot of restaurants in the city. They offer exquisite national dishes and huge wine lists. Monaco-Ville has good conditions for shopping: here you can stock up on anything – clothes, ceramics, perfumes, candied fruits, antiques.

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