Great Britain Education System Part I

Great Britain Education System 1

The school and university system in Great Britain has been shaped by historical decentralization. Its current form goes back to the main features of the Educational Acts. General school attendance is compulsory from the age of 5 to 16, and attendance at nursery schools is voluntary. Private schools make up an important, if only small, part of the English school system. The education system of Britain’s primary (primary), secondary (secondary)…

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Famous Actors and Directors in U.K. Part VI

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Sheen (born 1969) film and stage actor. Michael Sheen was born in Newport in 1969 and trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. His important supporting role in the historical film “The Four Feathers” (2002) is particularly noteworthy. He also played a central role in Len Wiseman’s “Underworld” from 2003. In the same year Sheen also starred in the TV movie “The Deal”, where he attracted attention as…

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Famous Actors and Directors in U.K. Part V

Tony Scott

Peter Mullan (born 1959) actor and director. Peter Mullan was born in Peterhead in 1959 and studied drama at the University of Glasgow. Mullan also had his first acting success with “Trainspotting – Neue Helden” (1996). This was later followed by roles in “My Name Is Joe” and “Harry Potter”. As a director, he convinced the jury of the Venice Film Festival with “The Merciless Sisters” (2002), for which he…

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Famous Actors and Directors in U.K. Part IV

Roger Moore

Keira Knightley (born 1985) Keira Christina Knightley was born in 1985 in Teddington and is now one of the great Hollywood actresses who receive the most fees. Her mother is a writer and her father is also an actor. Knightley’s breakthrough helped her roles in “Pirates of the Caribbean” (2003), “Pride and Prejudice” (2005) and “London Boulevard” (2010). She is also the advertising face for the Coco Mademoiselle perfume. Hugh…

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Famous Actors and Directors in U.K. Part III

Terry Jones

Paul Greengrass (born 1955) director and screenwriter. Greengrass was born in Cheam in 1955, studied at Cambridge and initially earned his living as a journalist. From the end of the 1990s his first films appeared, which made Greengrass internationally famous – “Vom Flying and Other Dreams”, “The Bourne Conspiracy” etc. Greengrass has received many awards, e. B. with the Golden Bear at the Berlinale and the Audience Award at the…

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Famous Actors and Directors in U.K. Part II

Hugh Grant

Sacha Baron Cohen (born 1971) actor and comedian. Cohen was born in 1971 to a Jewish family in London. Even before his studies in Cambridge, where he joined a theater group, he gained acting experience. Cohen has become internationally known for his role as Borat and Ali G. His artistic work is often time-critical and humorous, close to the threshold of stupid. He has already won a Golden Globe Award…

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Scotland Overview

Scotland Overview

Scotland – “bagpipes, whiskey, kilts, lochs, the highlands, golf, oatmeal and braveheart” – this is sure to be the usual result of a Scotland brainstorming session. Is Scotland now a country of its own? Does it belong to Great Britain or is it better to speak of the UK? Or can we simplify everything and speak of England? As part of a brief definition of the terms, it can first…

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The Most Secret Clubs in Vienna

The most secret clubs in Vienna

In addition to the well-known restaurants, there are also a few locations in Vienna that are a bit more secret and exclusive. I once went on a search and found six hidden clubs and bars for you that are definitely worth a visit! Club X, Alice, door 7 – have you ever heard of these locations? If not, you shouldn’t be surprised, because these are probably three of the most…

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FLIGHTS, ACCOMMODATION AND MOVEMENT IN PARIS The Eiffel Tower is one of the most photographed attractions in the city. Flying from Helsinki to Paris It is easy to travel from Finland to Paris, as there are plenty of flight connections available. Several companies, including Finnair and Norwegian , offer direct connections between Helsinki and Paris. Prices vary seasonally, but at their cheapest you can get flights for around a hundred…

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Denmark History


Denmark’s history is shaped by different kings, their forms of rule and a long power struggle with Sweden for supremacy in Scandinavia. But give yourself a rough idea of ​​how Denmark’s history went. THE FIRST KINGDOM People are said to have lived in Denmark as early as the Stone Age. The first ancestors of today’s Danes came from what is now southern Sweden to Jutland in the 6th century, where…

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Travel Destinations in France

France 4

Famous sights, delicious food and stunning beaches – fascinating France is a versatile destination! France has a huge amount to see, do and do. European cultural attractions, world-famous art and local elegance are the country’s tourist assets. In addition, the tourist encounters irresistible taste pleasures in France. A bottle of good wine and fresh baguette are authentic French flavors where great gourmet restaurants are. Moving around France In the largest cities,…

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Flights, Accommodation and Movement in Russia


Russia, the eastern neighbor, is a large country with enough interesting destinations for Finns as well. According to countryaah, Russia, the world’s largest country, is a versatile travel destination right next to Finns. Short for RUS by abbreviationfinder, Russia offers the splendor of tsarist times, echoes of the Soviet past and great cultural experiences, not forgetting delicious food. Handsome mosques are part of Russia. Direct flights to Russia Finland has excellent…

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