The Eiffel Tower is one of the most photographed attractions in the city.


Flying from Helsinki to Paris

It is easy to travel from Finland to Paris, as there are plenty of flight connections available. Several companies, including Finnair and Norwegian , offer direct connections between Helsinki and Paris.

Prices vary seasonally, but at their cheapest you can get flights for around a hundred euros. Even cheaper flight offers from Helsinki to Paris are often available. At their most expensive, airline tickets are usually during long holidays and school holidays.

There are four airports near Paris, the best known being Charles de Gaulle Airport, located about 30 kilometers from the city center. There is a working train connection from the airport to the city center, and Finnair, for example, operates from Helsinki to Charles de Gaulle. Other airports include Orly, Le Bourget and Beauvais-Tille.

The accommodation takes up a large portion of the budget

Accommodation in Paris is quite expensive, and the city’s high hotel prices come as a surprise to few. Even the most affordable hotels easily sink into 60 euros a night, and the price rises quickly depending on the level and location of the hotel.

Hostels are a bit cheaper than hotels, but they also have to shell out more in Paris than the typical European hostel price. Especially in the summer, like hotels, the prices of hostels also rise relatively high. A budget traveler should consider a trip to Paris in the low season.

During your trip to Paris, you should also consider home accommodation, as numerous locals rent rooms or entire apartments for tourists. Home accommodation is often cheaper than living in a hotel, and at the same time you can experience what it is like to live in a city of love.

By metro around Paris

In Paris, your own feet and the metro are the tourist’s safest means of credit. There are a total of 14 metro lines in Paris and they cover most of the city. If underground travel is not attractive, the bus network will be functional and comprehensive, except during peak hours.

The French are hard-working strikers, so to avoid surprises, the tourist should follow the local media even on a short holiday. If you travel to the airport on public roads, it is wise to set aside plenty of time for it due to possible strikes or congestion.



In addition to the most famous sights in Paris, it is also worth getting lost and enjoying the atmosphere of different districts.

The legends of Paris

Paris is full of tourist legends. The Eiffel Tower is a hallmark known to everyone in the city, and the first Paris holiday is nothing without a visit to the Eiffel Tower. This 324-meter tower can be reached either traditionally on foot or alternatively by lifts, which may have to be queued for up to several hours in the summer. However, the effort is rewarded, as the height of 280 meters offers a magnificent view over the entire city.

The shopping street Champs-Elysées is also one of the legends of Paris and walking on this historic park street you can end up with another legend, the Arc de Triomphe.

In the footsteps of artists

The Louvre is the largest of Paris’s countless museums and is located on the banks of the River Seine in the heart of the city. The Louvre is a real treasure trove of culture, where you can also follow in the footsteps of popular culture in the spirit of the Da Vinci Code.

The lively and bohemian district of Montmartre is a more relaxed counterpart to the Louvre. Narrow cobbled streets, cafes side by side, terraces for heated conversations in French: Montmartre leads the visitor directly to another time and place. Artists have taken over the entire bohemian district and it is also visible.

The magic of Paris in the parks

Escape from the hustle and bustle of museums and traffic can be found, for example, in Luxembourg Gardens, which is probably the most popular park in Paris. In Finnish, Luxembourg Park is a very familiar view, forever the landscapes of Albert Edelfelt Park in its paintings.

In the park you can spend a sunny day with your family on a picnic or pond by boat, but another and even more popular family destination for children can be found just outside Paris.

Even an adult can pursue the magic of childhood at Disneyland Paris. The Disneyland Resort Paris area features two theme parks, seven theme hotels, an entertainment center, a golf course and a shopping mall.