Attractions in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

According to wholevehicles, the Al-Kasbah pedestrian area is the most popular place for evening walks for both couples and families with children. The main sights of Sharjah are located around the canal, and the best view of them opens from the 60-meter height of the Ferris wheel “Eye of the Emirates”. From above, one cannot help but pay attention to the dancing 100-meter fountain (3rd largest in the world) in the neighboring Al-Majas Park. Shows run from 7:30 pm to midnight.

An important place for every inhabitant of Sharjah is the King Faisal Mosque. It was presented to the Emirate by the Saudi monarch, who announced a competition for the best design of the building. The winner was a Turkish architect who depicted a traditional mosque with two minarets on one side and the side of a liner on the other.

A stone’s throw from the mosque is another religious attraction – a 7-meter monument to the Koran. They say that Sharjah was so honored because it is an emirate with the most stringent laws.


Historical sites are located compactly in the Old City, in the “museum treasure” of Sharjah – Meredzh. Against the backdrop of the new building, the watchtowers of Al-Hish Fort stand out, which used to serve as the homes of the sheikh and his family. Now inside the exhibition complex, divided into thematic parts: on the first floor tells about the city’s history, on the second – about the life of the nobility. A tour of the Sharjah National Heritage Museum will help you better understand the culture of the inhabitants of the Emirates (off. site in English). Walking inside is described by many travelers as a journey back in time to a time when the UAE had not yet begun to produce oil.

Sharjah Desert Park, located 28 km from the city, is considered unique. This corner of wildlife was created to protect endangered species. A full square kilometer is home to the Museums of Botany and Natural History, the Arabian Peninsula Wildlife Center and a farm where you can feed the animals hay.

Those who get bored of getting acquainted with history and nature can look into the Museum of Classic Cars. The oldest exhibit was collected in 1915, there are also rare collectible cars produced in a limited edition. The exposition is open from 8:00 to 20:00.

5 things to do in Sharjah

  1. Choose the most interesting exposition in the “museum treasure” of Sharjah – the ancient district of Meredzh.
  2. Bargain at the Blue Marketfor gold jewelry.
  3. Try all the dishes of Arabic cuisine without risk to the stomach.
  4. Go diving and see marine predators.
  5. Take a panoramic photo from the highest point of the Eye of the Emirates ferris wheel.

Sharjah for kids

One of the most popular places to have fun with children is Al-Montaza Park, located on Flag Island in the center of Sharjah. Its territory is huge, so it is better to go around it in special cars, boats or trains in order to decide on the choice of attractions: extreme slides, swings or a water park. On Tuesday, only women with children are allowed to enter.

If you want to spend time with benefit, you can go to the Sharjah Aquarium, where only the inhabitants of the shores of the Oman and Persian Gulfs are collected. In total, the collection has 250 species, including predatory sharks, moray eels and dangerous rays. The museum creates the illusion of walking on the seabed: aquariums are located on the walls, roof and floor.

Learn more about the achievements of science, the principles of operation of technology, and even decide on a future profession will be helped at the Discovery Center. Here you can build a house, imagine yourself as a rock climber or a TV star. Its main audience is children 3-12 years old. In both entertainment centers, visitors are welcome from Saturday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00.


The climate in Sharjah is subtropical: it is dry and sunny here, and it rains only 7-10 times in December-January. Perhaps, such weather is the dream of any tourist. In summer, mainly those who are not afraid of high air and water temperatures come here. For this reason, from June to August, many agencies offer discounts on trips to the UAE.

The tourist season starts in September and lasts until May: it’s much more comfortable to be outside, but you still shouldn’t neglect a hat and sunscreen so as not to get hit or burned. In the spring, sandstorms occasionally occur in the region: a dense wall is approaching the city, interfering with air traffic and road traffic. A hurricane usually lasts no more than two days.

Attractions in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates