Barbados Tourist Guide

BARBADOS/ Brief information

.: Visa: Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter Barbados for less than 28 days. The validity of the passport must be at least 6 months after the return. When leaving the country, an airport tax is paid – 25 Barbados dollars.

.:Customs regulations

Import of local and foreign currency is not limited, declaration is obligatory. The export of local currency is prohibited. The export of foreign currency is limited to the amount declared on the customs declaration upon arrival. Persons over the age of 18 are allowed to import duty-free up to 200 cigarettes or 450 grams of tobacco products, up to 0.75 liters of spirits and up to 0.75 liters of wine, up to 150 ml of perfume and up to 300 ml of perfumes, as well as gifts and any other goods and articles with a total value of up to Bd$100. Meat and meat products are imported only with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture of the country. It is forbidden to import imported rum and drinks based on it, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as any types of clothing made from camouflage fabric. The transit of weapons, ammunition and drugs is prohibited.

Citizens of Russia do not need to apply for a visa in advance to visit Barbados for up to 28 days. It is issued upon entry into the country. To obtain a visa, you must provide: a valid passport with a validity period of at least 6 months and the owner’s signature; invitation (tourist, private or official), voucher or hotel booking confirmation; round trip tickets.

.: Important: You must keep all immigration documents – they will be needed when leaving the country!

.: Geography, population, religion, time

Barbados is a fairly small island, only 33 km long and 22 km wide, lying in the chain of the Lesser Antilles. The capital is Bridgetown. About 279.3 thousand people (this is one of the most densely populated areas of the Earth). Currently, more than 85% of the population are Barbadians – descendants of mixed marriages between immigrants from the African continent, Europeans and representatives of Indian tribes. The dominant religion is Christianity. About 67% of the island’s population consider themselves Protestants (Anglicans, Methodists, etc.), the rest are Catholics (4%) and adherents of other world confessions. Time is 8 hours behind Moscow time.

.: Language

The official language is English, dialect phrases and characteristic local pronunciation are generally accepted.

.: Local currency and banks

Barbadian dollar (BBD, Bd$ or B$), equal to 100 cents. The local currency is rigidly pegged to the US dollar at an approximate ratio of 2:1. In circulation there are banknotes in denominations of 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 2 dollars, as well as coins in denominations of Bd$1, 25, 10, 5 and 1 cent. In the tourism industry, the US dollar is almost universally in circulation.

Currency can be exchanged at commercial banks, exchange offices and hotels. The island is served by the National Bank of Barbados and at least six branches of international banks, so there are usually no problems with currency exchange.

Approximate exchange rate

Barbadian dollar (BBD) / United States dollar (USD)

1 USD = 1.98 BBD
10 BBD = 5.06 USD

Barbadian dollar (BBD) / Euro (EUR)

1 EUR = 2.75 BBD
10 BBD = 3.64 EUR

.: Phone

The international country code is +1-246. Cities do not have their own telephone codes. The outgoing international code is 011. Cellular communication of the GSM 900/1800 standard is well developed. Roaming with Russia is available to subscribers of the largest Russian operators. In order to call to Russia, you need to dial 00 – international access, then 7 – the code of Russia, then the area code + subscriber number. Russian mobile phones are functioning in Mexico.

.: Health care

All visitors are provided with medical insurance. We advise you to carefully read the insurance conditions set out in your policy. In the event of an insured event, it is necessary to contact the service company, the phone number of which is indicated in the insurance policy, or contact the guide. We recommend that you bring any medicines you usually use with you. Mexico is a country with an increased risk of gastrointestinal diseases, so it is recommended to give up street food, and buy drinking water only in bottles and only in stores.

.: Tips

Tipping in most restaurants is 10-15%, although it is usually included in the bill. If the service surcharge is not included in the invoice, it is recommended to tip the maids at the rate of $1 per room per day, taxi drivers – up to 10% of the payment amount (before the trip, you should agree with the driver in what currency the fare will be paid). Porters at airports and hotels expect to earn $1 for every piece of luggage carried.

.: Electricity

Mains voltage 110-115 V., 50 Hz. American style plugs with two pins.

.: Values

In general, you can be calm about the things you leave in the room (but do not forget to close the doors and windows). However, we strongly recommend keeping valuable items, documents and money in a safe (in the room or at the reception).

.: Security

Barbados is a very calm and safe island with a low overall crime rate, but personal property theft and street crime do occur. You should especially beware of pickpockets, often “working” at the airport, in ports, in public institutions and in crowded places. You should not carry valuables, documents and large sums of money with you, there are hotel safes for this. Do not take out your wallet in crowded places or leave things in the front seat of the car during stops. It is recommended to avoid isolated areas, including remote shores, after dark. Bridgetown is an extremely safe city, even at night, although it is still recommended to avoid the area southeast of the bus station on Fairchild Street, around Nelson Street and Jordan Lane,

.: Beaches

Basically all the beaches are municipal. We highly recommend using sunscreen!

.: Check out from the hotel

A representative of the company will warn you in advance about the time of meeting in the hotel lobby for transfer to the airport (usually verbally or in writing, leaving you a message at the check-in desk).

.: Attention!!!

You need to remember that check – out (the official time when you need to vacate the room) is 12:00. Half an hour before the appointed time, it is advisable to go down to the hall with things. At the reception desk you will have to pay all bills for additional services (mini-bar, telephone conversations, etc.) and hand over the room key. Be sure to check if you forgot to take things from your safe and your passport from the porter.

.: Attention!!!

When departing from the country, an airport tax of 25 Barbados dollars (about $13) is charged.

.: Important: All airports in the 27 countries of the European Union must check the hand luggage of passengers and prevent the carrying on board of aircraft of liquids in volumes greater than 100 milliliters, with a total volume of not more than 1 liter. Medicines and baby food are checked separately and are not limited in volume. Perfumes, drinks, alcohol and aerosols purchased from duty-free shops at the airport and packed in sealed plastic bags can also be carried in hand luggage. BUT!!! If a passenger has a flight with a transfer, liquids purchased at the airport of departure will not be allowed on board, they can only be purchased at the transfer airport.

Barbados Tourist Guide