Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Phan Thiet (or, as the word is often pronounced, Phan Thiet) is perhaps the most popular resort in Vietnam. This is a small fishing town, which is located near the stunning Mui Ne beach – the most beautiful place on Earth. Coming to rest in Vietnam, Phan Thiet will amaze you with the cleanest beaches with milk-colored sand, turquoise waves of the sea and a calm, measured rhythm of life.

Three hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City – a roaring metropolis – and you find yourself in a leisurely, serene city, where only the lapping of waves and the rustle of the breeze break the silence.

If you want to see the original, exotic Vietnam, Phan Thiet is exactly what you are looking for! Near the coastline are the world-famous Red Sand Dunes, which are named so because of the unusual crimson sand. Ankle-deep in soft and clean sand, you can climb these dunes and admire the amazing views of the harbor from a height. And in order not to be bored going down, local children will offer special sleds made of plastic sheets, which quickly and cheerfully bring travelers down.

White dunes – another place that deserves the attention of tourists, located near the Red Barkhans. It is here that the Lotus Lake, striking in its fabulousness, is located. The entire expanse of water is strewn with flowers, the romantic and unusually gentle landscape restores faith in miracles. This place is very fond of not only travelers, but also local newlyweds. And Vietnamese kids will gladly get you a lotus flower for a small fee.

Coming to Vietnam, in Phan Thiet, Mui Ne should definitely be visited. It is located 22 km to the northeast and is a snow-white beach with a total length of 15 km. Stunning sand dunes, dry climate, clear sea make this place attractive for tourists who are looking for solitude and peace, for surfers and kiters, fishing and diving enthusiasts. The palette of colors is amazing: the emerald green of exotic plants, the aquamarine sea, the dazzling yellow sun and milky sand – all this is combined into one picture, magical and exciting.

Not far from Mui Ne flows the Magic Stream. It flows like a waterfall from the side of the mountain, runs along the coast with red sand and yellow clay, decorated with stalactites.

If you are planning to go to Vietnam, to Phan Thiet, tours will help you choose an operator. You will be satisfied with the beauty of nature, the quality of service in hotels, and try exotic cuisine. Local fishermen will bring seafood delicacies to your table, and chefs will work wonders by preparing unsurpassed dishes. Tuna, anchovy, cuttlefish, squid, mackerel – all this in the freshest form will be on the menu of your lunch and dinner. Almost all dishes, except for sweet ones, are served in Vietnam with the famous national sauce Nuoc Mam. It is so popular in the country that it is on the tables in every home, in cheap street cafes and expensive restaurants. A sauce is prepared from small fish, which are kept in the sun for a long time.

The river of the same name flows through Phan Thiet, which forms a cozy harbor. Hundreds of boats of local fishermen bring their catch here. At night, fishermen light small lanterns to attract squid, and the harbor lights up with thousands of lights that ripple on the waves.

The flora and fauna of Phan Thiet is striking in its richness. Here you can meet a pheasant and a peacock, such valuable trees as thuja, sandalwood, cypress grow, wild orchids are not rare. The long coastline, more than 20 km, is immersed in the shade of coconut palms. There are so many hotels and bungalows that everyone will find something to their liking and affordable. Arriving in Vietnam, in Phan Thiet, the prices will seem quite low for such a quality of service and the beauties of nature. In addition to their own beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, the hotels will offer freshwater pools, as well as massage rooms and spas.

Sand dunes provide a dry comfortable microclimate. Precipitation is very rare even during the rainy seasons throughout the country. The temperature remains around 28° all year round. Between November and February, sea winds intensify, and surfers and kiters from all over the world come to the resort, who have nicknamed this place “Vietnamese Hawaii”.

Phan Thiet, Vietnam