Climate in Shanghai

When is the best time to travel to China?

The months of April, May, October and November represent the best travel time for China . During this time most parts of the country are pleasant to travel to. For a vacation in China you should consider the climate of the individual regions, because this is very different due to the size of the country .

The high season for China travel is from mid-January to February, early May and early October. During this time, not only foreign tourists spend their holidays in China, many locals also explore their beautiful country during these months. On the one hand , this is due to the Chinese New Year , which is celebrated between the end of January and mid-February. On the other hand, the national holiday of the Chinese is October 1st. Therefore, you have to expect higher prices for your flights and your hotel in the Far East during this time. With a little luck, however, you can get bargains in November and December.

Best time to travel to China by region

Best travel time to China
Beijing April, May, September to November
Shanghai April, May, October & November
Xi’an April, May, September & October
Hong Kong October to April
Tibet May, June, September & October

Information about China

China is – with Russia – the country with the most neighboring countries worldwide – 14 in number. Neighboring countries include India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. With 1.37 billion people, China is the country with the highest population. 22 million of them live in the capital Beijing . This attracts domestic and foreign tourists with its 3,000-year-old history and numerous sights. The Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China , the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace are particularly popular with travelers to China . In addition to Beijing, the metropolises Shanghai are popular destinations for a trip to China and Hong Kong . But not only the big cities of the country bring you an unforgettable trip.

China’s nature is also breathtaking. According to CLOTHESBLISS, the Land of Smiles is home to Asia’s longest river, the Yangtze . With its 6,380 kilometers, this is the third longest river in the world after the Nile and the Amazon. In addition to numerous mountains, the Himalayas also run through China. The Jiuzhaigou National Park in the Sichuan Province is a UNESCO World Heritage Site . Here, the flora of China is guaranteed to take your breath away. Stroll along the hiking trails and marvel at turquoise lakes and imposing waterfalls. There is a lot to discover in the land of smiles, which is why you should plan your vacation well. Do you want to know more about the best travel time for certain activities experienced in China? Then read on! I also provide you with extensive information about the climate of individual regions in China. So you are well prepared for your trip.

Best time to visit China by activities

Are you planning a trip to China to pursue a certain activity? Then in the next section you can find out when the best travel time is. This ensures that it is neither too hot, too cold nor rainy during your stay in China. I’ll tell you when you should plan a China tour and when the best travel weather is for a trip to the Great Wall of China . Do you want to marvel at the famous terracotta army? Then you will also find all the information about the best travel time here.

When is the best time to travel to China?

The best time to travel to China is in September or October. Other options are April and May. The Chinese spring and autumn bring the country mostly pleasant temperatures. The best conditions for a successful round trip. You can explore the country extensively with the help of domestic flights, long-distance buses or trains. It gets a little more complicated when you want to travel through the land of smiles in a rental car . Because you are not allowed to drive a car in China even with an international driver’s license. If you are planning a tour of China by rental car, you will need to obtain a provisional driving license. A Chinese driver’s license is even required for stays of more than three months.

When is the best time to visit the Great Wall of China?

When is the best time to visit the Great Wall of China

The best time to visit the Great Wall of China is mild spring with the months of April and May or autumn from September to November. In spring , nature comes to life and the flora around the Great Wall of China shows its most beautiful side. In autumn you can expect a play of colors from nature, when the trees of China shine in different colors. In summer, however, the popular attraction is very crowded. In addition, the summer months in China bring a lot of rain. The high temperatures also speak against visiting the Great Wall in summer. In winter it is freezing cold there, but you can admire the sight without many other holidaymakers during this time.

The Great Wall is one of the structures in China that is a World Heritage Site. Most holidaymakers visit the Great Wall of China , which is more than 21,000 kilometers long, from Beijing. My tip for the more adventurous among you: The section near Huanghuacheng attracts less tourists. Here you can visit unrestored parts of the Great Wall of China. There is also a more manicured part, but the climb is very steep. If you don’t mind a sweaty ascent of the Great Wall, then you’ve come to the right place. At the top you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the region. And all of that without other China vacationers.

When is the best time to visit the Terracotta Army?

Terracotta Army

You can reach one of the most famous sights in China from Xi’an: the so-called Terracotta Army . Regardless of a certain best travel time, you can visit the Terracotta Army all year round. Because the excavation site is protected from all types of weather thanks to its location in covered halls. The sight of around 6,000 clay soldiers and horses is unique. Do you want to combine your visit to the attraction with a city trip to Xi’an , 36 kilometers away ? Then I recommend spring and autumn for this. Stroll along the ancient and almost completely preserved city wall in mild temperatures. Also worth seeing is the Great Wild Goose Pagoda and a detour to the city’s Muslim quarter. You see, there is a lot to experience in this region of China.

Beijing climate


Plan your China trip and let yourself be enchanted by the land of smiles. Be it the millennia-old culture, the diverse nature or the pulsating cities – I guarantee you: you will never forget a vacation in China. Before booking, it is worth taking a look at the climate tables for the individual Chinese regions. There you can see that the optimal travel time varies from area to area. This is due to the incredible size of the country. More generally, the months of April, May, October and November determine can be called a best time to visit China. During this period there is a pleasant climate in large parts. In addition, during these months you will avoid the rainy summer and the sometimes bitterly cold winter. Now you know everything you need to know for your travel planning. I wish you a lot of fun during your China vacation!

Climate in Shanghai