The most secret clubs in Vienna

In addition to the well-known restaurants, there are also a few locations in Vienna that are a bit more secret and exclusive. I once went on a search and found six hidden clubs and bars for you that are definitely worth a visit!

Club X, Alice, door 7 – have you ever heard of these locations? If not, you shouldn’t be surprised, because these are probably three of the most exclusive and secret clubs and bars in Vienna. While you need to register in advance for bar door 7, Club X is only accessible with a key that is given by the owner in person. Are you curious what makes these mysterious bars so special? Then read on quickly!

Club X – Vienna’s most secret address

Anyone who has ever had the honor of landing at Club X can consider themselves very lucky, because the restaurant is probably the most exclusive address in Vienna. According to, access is only permitted to selected members who know the password, which changes daily – this is announced via a top-secret Facebook group. In the past, you could only get in with a special key that was given personally by club owner Martin Ho.

Entry only with key!

But what makes this club so special anyway? On the one hand, it is precisely the exclusive image that creates tension. Nobody knows exactly what is going on in the premises, because the audience strictly adheres to the motto “What happens in the X, stays in the X”. On the other hand, the drinks and food in Club X should be phenomenal – owner Martin Ho attaches great importance to quality and only offers his customers the best of the best. If you do not belong to the select group of members, there is still a small chance how you can get into Club X. You just need to know the right people as members are allowed to bring friends!

Alice – The city’s first themed club

When you enter the building at Josefsplatz 6, you leave reality behind and immerse yourself in a fantasy world: Welcome to Alice ! The first and only theme club in Vienna attracts with a mystical atmosphere and cool parties that are sure to be remembered for a long time. As the name suggests, the club is based on Alice in Wonderland and this is also reflected in the interior.

Welcome to wonderland

Overall, the club consists of two floors with different concepts. While everything is literally upside down on the gallery floor, the main floor is reminiscent of a church with the elaborate ceiling painting and the huge cross above the DJ desk. Here you lose all sense of reality! But that is exactly what the club operators want to achieve, the visitors should get the feeling of falling into a rabbit hole. Both electro and hip hop music are played in Alice – if you want to experience an unforgettable night in a crazy dream world, you’ve come to the right place!

Krypt – cocktails in a dim atmosphere

From the outside, the Krypt looks rather inconspicuous, but the inside convinces with an extraordinary ambience. Whoever finds the mysterious cocktail bar must first ring the bell and be invited in by the doorman. Then you take the stairs to the vaulted cellar eight meters below, which impresses with its elegant furnishings. Magnificent chandeliers, floating candles and chic designer furniture make the location something very special.

One of the coolest addresses in town

While one expects that an exclusive location like the Krypt is rather expensive, a look at the drinks menu proves the opposite. In fact, the bar surprises with quality drinks at moderate prices. The bar is open Wednesday and Thursday from 6 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. However, you should be there early if you want to get a place. It is not possible to make a reservation.

Door 7 – entry only with advance notice

If you want to visit Bar Tür 7 in the eighth district, you have to register in advance either by telephone or email. Stopping by spontaneously is not a good idea, because the operators value a private atmosphere. Finding the location alone is a challenge – only a small golden seven indicates that there is a bar in the inconspicuous residential building on Buchfeldgasse. Once inside, however, you can just sit back and relax.

Drinks in an intimate atmosphere

In addition to the cozy atmosphere, the location also scores with an extraordinary concept, which is determined by the number 7. That means there are a total of 7 drinks on the menu, which are changed every 7 weeks. Overall, the small bar in Buchfeldgasse offers space for 35 people, for this reason entry is only possible with advance notice. This is to avoid long queues and jostling.

One of One – Ingenious Multi Concept by Martin Ho

If Martin Ho can do something, then it is probably to bring international flair to Vienna. His latest coup is a multi-concept location in the middle of downtown Vienna. The One of One in the Seilerstätte is a brilliant mix of bar, restaurant and gallery – here you feel like you are in a Secret Members Club in London! On a total of 440 square meters there is a piano lounge, a gin bar, two restaurants and a gallery where Ho exhibits works of art from his private collection.

Restaurant, bar and gallery in one!

While delicious Peking duck is served in the Asian restaurant Mr. Wow, guests can order delicious tacos or ceviche from the Mexican Tetate. If you want to party a bit after dinner, you can dance to Hip Hop & RnB sounds in the Chin Chin Bar or hang out in the Goat Club, which is only open to members. The One of One is undoubtedly one of the most promising new addresses in the city – if you want to convince yourself of this unique concept, you should stop by at Seilerstätte 16.

The Chapel – Vienna’s first speakeasy bar

Since March 2019, Vienna has had a secret location and it really has it all. If you want to pay a visit to the Chapel Bar in the 15th district, you first have to find the entrance. This is located behind a picture frame in Mozart’s inconspicuous pub and leads through a confessional. The inside of the bar also lives up to the name – the interior is reminiscent of an old church and the menu is bursting with religious allusions. Visitors can choose from 12 Apostle cocktails and 7 sins, which are served as a shot. If you prefer non-alcoholic, you can choose something under “Celibacy”.

Entry through a confessional

With this ingenious concept, the Chapel Bar is reminiscent of the New York speakeasy bars from the time of Prohibition. While the so-called whisper bars were still illegal back then, they are now a hip fad. There are now many secret bars around the world that attract curious visitors. If you want to pay a visit to the Chapel Bar, simply ask for the entrance in Mozart’s Beisl and you will be shown the way.

Secret clubs in Vienna

As you can see, it doesn’t always have to be the same regular bar – Vienna has some cool insider tips to offer. Have you even visited a few of these locations? Feel free to leave me a comment and tell me about your experiences!

The most secret clubs in Vienna