Houston on the Gulf of Mexico - Texas

Thank the oil

According to ACT-TEST-CENTERS, the city of Houston is located in the southeastern part of the US state of Texas. With over 2.2 million inhabitants, Houston is one of the largest cities in the USA and is the largest city in Texas. The Houston metropolitan area is home to approximately 6 million people. Houston is the most important economic and cultural center of Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. Houston, a metropolis with typical Southern flair, was founded in 1837. It was not a spontaneous founding of the city. Back then, real estate entrepreneurs were buying land on Buffalo Bayouon the Gulf of Mexico to build a city there. In 1901, oil was found in the region. This helped the city’s growth enormously. By 1930, Houston had finally surpassed all other Texas cities in terms of population. Houston in Texas is still one of the economically strongest cities in the entire USA.

Downtown Houston in Texas on Buffalo Bayou

Oil is what made Houston great. The extremely dynamic Texas city has the sixth busiest port in the world on the Gulf of Mexico. So the oil and other goods can be shipped from there to anywhere in the world. But today it’s not just oil that plays the main role in Houston. Large American corporations and authorities, including the American space agency NASA, have settled in the oil city of Houston on the Gulf of Mexico.

Culture and Leisure in Houston

The popular city of Houston is rich in cultural diversity and opportunities for active leisure time activities. There are many excellent museums, operas and theaters to explore in Houston. The Bayou City district attracts tourists in large numbers to the city. Houston is known for its excellent restaurants. Numerous theaters await visitors in the Texan city, and the art scene in Houston is very creative, diverse and very active.

Louis Market Square and A. Friedman Clock Tower in historic Houston

Mostly pleasant temperatures on the Mexican Gulf

Houston can get very warm in the summer, up to around 35°C. Then heavy but relatively short rain showers bring some cooling. Snow can fall in the Houston area in the winter. Overall, however, the temperatures in the city can be considered to be quite pleasant all year round. Houston is not a concrete desert. In the Texas city there are numerous large parks with a rich cultural life such as farmers markets, golf courses, swimming pools and countless walking paths.

Houston attractions

  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Buffalo Bayou
  • USS Texas – Battleship
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Herman Park
  • Lakewood Church
  • House of Blues
  • Williams Tower
  • Water wall
  • Texas Military Museum
  • Glenwood Cemetery
  • Memorial Park
  • San Jacinto Monument
  • Houston Museum District
  • Bayou Bend Collection
  • Alley Theatre

San Antonio in Texas – USA

Mexican flair in South Texas

The city of San Antonio is located in south-central Texas on the San Antonio River. Strong Spanish-Mexican, but also German and Anglo-American influences can be seen in culture and food. San Antonio was founded on the foundations of a Spanish mission and an important military base. Everyday life and cultural life in the Texan city is strongly Spanish-Mexican.

Am San Antonio River Walk – San Antonio River

In 2020, San Antonio, with a population of around 1.4 million, is the second largest city after Houston in the southern US state of Texas. The basketball players of the ” San Antonio Spurs ” are the sporting flagship of the Texan city.


San Antonio is home to the legendary Alamo Mission Station, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A decisive battle took place there in the 1835-1836 Texas War of Independence. The Alamo was built by Franciscan missionaries in 1718. Today’s city of San Antonio developed around the Alamo, making it the oldest city in Texas. Until 1835, the then young city was owned by the Spaniards, then the Mexicans.

The legendary Fort Alamo in San Antonio

Well-known and popular is the San Antonio River Walk on the San Antonio River, a promenade with numerous shops and restaurants. The walk along the San Antonio River lets you forget the hustle and bustle of the big city, there are picturesque insights and views to catch. The San Antonio River Walk stretches 15 miles through the Texas city. The cultural life in the young at heart city of San Antonio is diverse and varied. A well-known sight is also the 229 meter high tower ” Tower of the Americas “.

Medicine and research

San Antonio is the economic and cultural center of south Texas. In addition to tourism, educational institutions, medical research and industry are economic pillars of the city. About 20 million tourists flock to the popular Texas city every year. In addition to numerous amusement parks for families, there are 50 golf courses in the area around San Antonio.

Houston on the Gulf of Mexico - Texas